Service groups

‘Service groups’ are great for sorting out your Online Booking and giving your clients’ a better overview of the services you offer. It also helps you to better keep track of the services you have created. In short, when you create a new service group in EasyPractice, it will automatically create a new bar in your Online Booking. Your clients will then be able to click on the bar to see the related services, rather than find all services in one long row.

How to create a new service group

Click on ‘Services’ in the top menu bar to go to your service overview. Then click on ‘Create new’ and choose ‘Create new service group’:

Service groups menu

In the next step, you will be able to name your service group. If you, for example, will offer different types of massages, you could group all your massage-related services under the label ‘Massage’. Then click ‘Save’:

Service groups creation

Add services to your service group

To add a service to your service group, click on a service that you have created (or create a new service). In the first step, you will now be able to choose which group your service should belong to:

Service groups overview

In your overview, you will find all your service groups and the services that belong to each group:

Service groups

If you have enabled your services in your Online Booking, your clients will now be able to click on the ‘Massage’ bar to see all your massage-related services. The order of your services will be the same as in your service overview. In other words, when your clients click on ‘Massage’ in your Online Booking, they will, in this case, find Foot massage at the top and Swedish massage at the bottom. If you want to reorganize your services, click on ‘Organize services’ at the top of the Service overview page. Then drag and drop the items to choose a different order:

Service groups organization

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