What is a service?

A ‘service’ refers to the one-on-one services you offer to your clients, whether that be a counseling session, a medical examination, or a massage or therapy appointment. In the following sub-pages, you will learn how to create a new service, make use of so-called “service groups”, and how to create “additional services” that can be added on top of your regular services. You will also learn how to make services available in your Online Booking and to set the price of your service.

Overview of the service page

To find an overview of your services, click on ‘Services’ in the top menu bar. In the services overview, you will be able to:

  • Add new services, service groups, and additional services.
  • Add vouchers if you have activated the ‘Vouchers-app’
  • Edit your services in regards to price, availability, length, and much more.
  • Organize your services, both in terms of your internal system and in terms of your Online Booking.
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