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A global digital team committed to making the best digital product for practitioners and clinics.

Since 2012, we have helped our customers manage bookings, invoices, and journals for more than 1 million clients. We have developed EasyPractice because we are passionate about user-friendly systems that can help people in their everyday lives.

The EasyPractice team together in Barcelona

The team at EasyPractice spans over 8 countries. We work remotely, ensuring that we are always available to help the users of our system and we can support you wherever you are. Read more about our remote workplace. This means we are always on call and take pride in the attention we can therefore pay to our customers, creating a strong and lasting relationship. Great customer relationships and the ability to develop and adapt quickly are just some of the ways that we manage to make the work life of practitioners better and easier.


Our Numbers

In the past 8 years we have grown steadily year on year and achieved some great milestones whilst our team continues to grow.


Clinics and practitioners using our system have over 1 million clients


We operate in 25 countries


Our team works across 8 countries


We have an average rating of 4.8 / 5 from hundreds of reviews

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EasyPractice team members on a trip EasyPractice team members eating together
Woman working on a laptop EasyPractice team members together
EasyPractice team members in a meeting Kitchen at the EasyPractice office
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Our history

Our continued growth has allowed us to become one of the leading providers of software to clinicians and practitioners.

Start of company


Our focus

Easily manage and setup appointments in a calendar

1000+ therapists


Our focus

Easily integrate Online Booking on your website

2000+ therapists


Our focus

Partnerships with external systems like e-conomic (accounting), MailChimp and other systems

Nicon icon
4000+ therapists


Our focus

Expanding EasyPractice to fit needs for large clinics with employees

icon 2016
7000+ therapists


Our focus

Adding more Apps - tailor EasyPractice to your specific needs

icon 2017
11000+ therapists


Our focus

Expanding easyPractice to new markets / countries

icon 2018
15000+ therapists


Our focus

GDPR - make sure our users can use EasyPractice to easily automate GDPR compliance

icon 2019
20000+ therapists


Our focus

Building an API to open up EasyPractice for development with external partners with an API

icon 2020
25000+ therapists


Our focus

Extending the EasyPractice system with new applications, partnerships and new ways of supporting your business.

icon 2017
35000+ therapists


Our focus

Awarded the Børsen "Gazelle" award. This is a Danish award given to businesses that meet specific criteria within growth and development during a 4-year interval! Also, we focused on introducing several more useful integrations and features into the system.

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Big news!

EasyPractice and Nordhealth are joining forces

Our focus

To ensure that we continuously (and always) work towards being the best system for clinics and practitioners, we will (as of 2022) become part of the company, Nordhealth. The EasyPractice system will remain exactly as you know it - and our passionate and dedicated teams will stay precisely as they are today - nothing will change here. We are looking forward to offering the same great system and service - with even more features and even greater usability.

2022 Icon
37000+ therapists

2022 and beyond

Our focus

Expanding EasyPractice to new international markets, while extending our service portfolio with new useful integrations, features, and tools.

The founding thoughts

We founded EasyPractice in Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark is a relatively small country in Northern Europe but a large country in terms of its impact on healthcare and welfare. The capital, Copenhagen, is somewhat of a European hub for technology companies, healthcare and welfare as well as modern work/life-balance. We fit right in, as we believe in empowering our employees and our customers so that they can build the lives they dream of. We founded EasyPractice because we wanted to build a company that puts lifestyle, life quality and great product development before short-sighted business goals. Since our inception we’ve been in full support of remote work as well as letting employees call the shots in their individual areas of expertise. We’re happy to continue down this path as we grow our business and we’re happy to help our customers run their businesses in a better way. We built EasyPractice because we had a dream of running a company that lets people run happy lives while tackling interesting and challenging problems. We look forward to continue building our company in many years ahead. Bo Møller and Emil Højbjerg.

Founders of EasyPractice, Bo and Emil
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