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EasyPractice helps thousands of therapists and clinics to digitize their businesses in order to make their workday more effective. Join our Partner Program and launch your own app to already existing users, support other businesses by distributing our platform and become a reseller, or simplify your work at a larger clinic.

Bo Møller, a founder of EasyPractice

Who can partner with us?

Our Partner Program is the easiest way to let businesses or individuals within your community access EasyPractice. So that you get the best option for you, we have created three different partner types for you to choose from:


For developers and companies looking to integrate their platforms and software with EasyPractice

Whether you want to develop custom software for your clinic or create an extension to EasyPractice that others can benefit from, we look forward to hearing from you.

Explore our program for developers

For businesses and organizations wanting to distribute EasyPractice and become resellers

We have made it easy to resell EasyPractice to independent therapists and branches, allowing you to tailor the price and earn a monthly revenue.

Explore our program for resellers
Larger clinics

For larger clinics housing several independent therapists

With our new partner setup, we can help you simplify the administrative work between several self-employed therapists working under the same roof but with some level of independence.

Explore our program for larger clinics

Why partner with us?

We should never have to reinvent the wheel. By integrating EasyPractice to your platform or sharing the system with other therapists, we can help your business grow and become even more effective.

Maria, a happy EasyPractice user, in her clinic
Maria Särén

For me, it is extremely valuable to have a single system that takes care of everything I need help with.

Our Partner Program makes it simple for you to make the most out of EasyPractice and the tools we have improved over the years - saving you the time and energy it takes to develop software from scratch. In addition, you will have a whole team working alongside you, always being ready to help.

So you want to become our partner?

Great! We love working with other great companies in order to help clinics, private practices, hospitals, therapists, and all of our other customers to grow their businesses.

Please take a quick look at the various partner pages depending on what kind of partnership you are looking for, or reach out to us if you have any further questions.

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