Number of client appointments

In your account settings under “Subscription”, you can find all information dealing with your subscription, payments, and the number of client appointments you had in the last year. The amount of your subscription fee is based on the number of appointments you have in your calendar.

Calculation of the number of client appointments.

That is why we have prepared an explanation for the calculation of the number of appointments. When counting the number of appointments being charged:

  1. Only client appointments are counted. You can have as many non-client appointments as you like
  2. The system counts the number of appointments that happened in the last year, plus any future appointments. For example, if you have 450 appointments in the last 12 months, you also have 60 more appointments in your calendar happening in the next 3 months, then the total number of appointments charged is 510 – which puts you in the second tier.
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