Comparison of EasyPractice with SimplePractice, WriteUpp, and Cliniko.

Compared to other systems, EasyPractice helps you to improve your administration in a number of ways with its huge range of apps. Our system is built especially with therapists in mind. We compared the features, functions, and apps of EasyPractice with other systems you might have crossed during your online research. In the table below you can see the results of our comparison with three of our competitors: SimplePractice, WriteUpp, and Cliniko.

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Why Kim loves EasyPractice

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Kim Hough Gestalt therapist

"Before I was using EP, I spent a lot of time communicating back and forth to find an appointment time, now my customers (about 90%) mostly go straight into online booking and book a time themselves."

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Kim loves that invoicing is so simple with EasyPractice and can be done directly from the calendar. All the features she needs are in one software. Kim says "What I like about EasyPractice is that they have several solutions in one place" which makes it easier to run a practice!

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Alternative to Cliniko

In the ever-digitalizing realm of telemedicine, Cliniko is a booking system for practitioners that works beautifully for video consultations! By getting your email list directly from your client list in your account via integration with MailChimp, you can keep your clients’ health records updated. Cliniko also has a wonderful spot for this. Utilizing a system like this is crucial for centrally managing appointments, client information, and automatic online billing.

Both systems are great options, but if importing client notes and real-time calendar updates are crucial to your practice, EasyPractice is a better option.

At EasyPractice, we greatly respect your relationship with your clients and we are aware of how crucial it is to maintain a human connection even as you and your practice go more digital so that your clients know you are still available to them.

You have a platform with EasyPractice to find the ideal level of personalization and automation. To assist you in making an informed choice, we examined Cliniko and created this comparison to show the important similarities and differences between Cliniko and EasyPractice.

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Alternative to WriteUpp

WriteUpp is a fantastic tool that will allow you to work more efficiently. You need a system like WriteUpp if it’s crucial to you that administrative activities don’t take up too much time. Practice management software is turning into a requirement for any therapist or clinic with features like round-the-clock online booking, SMS reminders for customers, and the opportunity for video consultations.

Despite the fact that both systems are terrific options, EasyPractice is a great alternative if controlling your client waiting lists, having unlimited video sessions, and allowing your clients to schedule appointments on their own are crucial to your practice.

You can use EasyPractice as a platform to determine the optimal degree of customization and automation. We looked at WriteUpp in order to assist you in making an informed decision, and we put together this comparison to show the key commonalities and dissimilarities between WriteUpp and EasyPractice.

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Alternative to SimplePractice

SimplePractice is a scheduling tool for professionals that supports you throughout your workday, from scheduling to billing. By using a practice management system, you can go paperless, simplify client booking, and manage your schedule all at once. Online solutions are excellent for working from any device, whether you’re at an office or on the go, and for telemedicine. You don’t have to rely on notebooks and sloppy, crossed-out plans on your calendar when you have a system like SimplePractice that allows you to carry all of your notes with you.

Because of our huge selection of apps that you can install inside your account, EasyPractice provides even more features and tools to assist you in managing administration at your clinic. Both systems are excellent choices, but EasyPractice is the better choice if importing client notes, having an open API, and real-time calendar updates are important to your business.

With EasyPractice, you have a platform to choose the ideal degree of customization and automation. We compared SimplePractice and EasyPractice in order to highlight their key similarities and differences and to help you make an informed decision.

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How does EasyPractice compare?

EasyPractice is packed full of features and apps and we add more all the time. We receive a lot of valuable feedback from our customers and based on that we have created the table and compared the most important characteristics of an online booking platform. If you prefer to have a detailed comparison with one of the competitors, simply click on the name: SimplePractice, WriteUpp and Cliniko.

Unlimited free trial
Extensive catalogue of apps
Free email and SMS reminders
Unlimited number of calendars
Additional users for less than a subscription cost
Calendar sync: with Google Calendar, Outlook and others
Integration with Zapier
Open API for integrations
Used by over 30,000 clinics around the world
Round the clock customer support

Alternatives to EasyPractice

We have made some honest comparisons to other softwares to save you the time when selecting the right system for you. We're super passionate about our software and we want to show you why. Read how the other systems SimplePractice, WriteUpp, and Cliniko compare below.

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