The Journal function is one of the core features of EasyPractice. Here, you can easily find and create new journal entries for your clients, add pictures and files to the journals, make use of journal templates, and handle all client information in a safe way. On this page, you will learn how to find the journals and navigate some essential functions. On the following subpages, you can read more about how to:

  • Add a first journal entry.
  • Add files and images to your journals and draw on uploaded images directly in the system.
  • Create templates and use them in your journal entries.

How to find your client’s journal

All journals are personal, meaning that they are directly linked to a specific client. Therefore, the journal belonging to a certain client can be found in the client’s profile. To find a client’s profile, go to ‘Clients’ in the top menu bar and then click on the client whose journal you would like to edit. Your client’s journal will show on the front page:

Example for a journal of a client
(Note that if you have not created your first journal note yet, you will not see the same options shown in the picture above).

Overview of the journal page

At the top of the journal page, you can:

  • Choose to create a new journal entry
  • Add a file or image to the journal
  • Download or print all journal entries for this client, by clicking on the small ‘cloud’ or ‘printer’ at the top.
  • View who has opened the client’s journal, by clicking on the small ‘eye’ button. This option is only available if you are using the ‘Employee’ app.

In every specific journal entry, you will find the following alternatives (from the left corner to the right in the image below):

Overview of the journal page and a  new journal entry
  • View when and by whom the journal entry has been created, by clicking on the small person icon and clock icon in the top left of the journal.
  • Edit the journal, by clicking on the small ‘pen’.
  • Mark the journal as favorite.
  • Lock the journal, by clicking on the small ‘lock’ icon.
  • Print or download a specific journal entry.
  • Delete a journal entry.

Note that you will only be able to edit, lock, and delete journals as long as they have not been locked (or ‘signed’). As soon as the journal entry is locked, no more changes can be made.

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