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Remote workplace: Faster and more effective

At EasyPractice we offer our employees a remote workplace. It is important for us to be flexible and accommodating to both our employees and customers. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the majority of staff to work from their homes or offices in Aarhus or Valencia. We seek to make our customers as well as our employees comfortable in their everyday life. Here it is important to us that our employees can organise their own work and take initiative, as well as hold responsibility for their own projects and ideas.

EasyPractice strives to be what we sell. The essence of EasyPractice’s system is to make administrative work easier for therapists and clinics through automation. For example when clients create an appointment in their calendar for a client or when they book through your online booking, they can receive automatic confirmation messages! These will be sent at the time of booking and can be both email and SMS. Additionally, they have the possibility to receive a notification if a client books a new appointment via your Online Booking system.

Similarly, large parts of the company itself are also automated to make it easier for us and our customers. Does that mean it is an automated software robot that does all the work? No, we do our utmost to constantly be available and create what our customers want, whether it is from Aarhus in Denmark or Wolverhampton in the UK.

The fact that we are remote does not mean that we do not like each other. There is no doubt that remote work has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are obviously that we do not have the opportunity to sit and look each other in the eye. We solve this by chatting or talking over video. The same applies to our customers. At EasyPractice, we offer the possibility of holding video meetings with their clients. A huge advantage of working remotely is that we can move incredibly fast when needed. Besides that, we are a small team that handles more than 18,000 clinics’ bookings worldwide. This is something we are extremely proud of.

From Colombia to Australia and Norway

EasyPractice’s employees are scattered around the world, but you will find our head office in Copenhagen. We have colleagues who work from Jutland, Copenhagen, Melbourne, Colombia, England, Sweden and Norway, and who move and travel over time. Co-owner, Bo Møller, has experienced the opportunity to take his laptop with him in his backpack and travel around the world while he works. Bo has explored countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Seychelles, United Arab Emirates, Oman and the Canary Islands, all while having an active role in EasyPractice’s daily activities.

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Digitised and automated organisation

We strive to be digitised, and most of our internal communication takes place over the collaboration software application, Slack. Our monthly sprint meetings are also digitised which makes them super flexible. It is possible to participate in them online via Slack’s video chat, Skype or any other voice communication programme.

EasyPractice is a self-propelled business where you yourself plan your time and work. Here we use the project tool Basecamp to plan our activities, which all employees can access via the internet.

All in all, we see ourselves as an extremely flexible company with a flat organisational structure. Everyone can contribute and even trainees have the opportunity to create something valuable and useful for the company.

Easy, fun, and simple

A remote workplace is certainly not for everyone. It is a constant balance and an art to create a well-functioning and healthy working environment online. At EasyPractice we have made it play. We are a remote workplace where national borders are irrelevant, and abilities and competencies are paramount.

Our goal is to make it easier, more fun and simpler in everyday life. Our organisational structure helps us, but do we need to help you too? Then contact us at [email protected]

Founders of EasyPractice, Bo and Emil

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