The Calendar is a central tool in EasyPractice. Here, you will get an overview of your bookings and your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. You can also easily create new appointments, set up as many calendars as you like, and integrate your EasyPractice Calendar with external calendar systems. On this page, you will get a quick overview of the Calendar page and how to navigate its functions. On the associated subpages, you will find more detailed information on every specific function and some extra help from a number of video guides.

Calendar overview

Calendar page

The Calendar is the first page you will see when you log into EasyPractice. The page can later be found under the Calendar menu in the top menu bar. In the left corner of the Calendar page, you will find the following useful calendar functions:

  • Create or edit an appointment. Click either on the ‘Create appointment’ button or directly on a slot in your calendar, to create a new appointment
  • Edit your calendar’s opening hours by clicking on “Opening hours”
  • Print or download your calendar by clicking on the small ‘printer’ button.
  • Blurr your calendar by clicking on the small eye button. This means that your bookings will be visible in your calendar, both no names or other information about the client will be shown. A smart trick if you need to share your calendar with someone who should not have access to your client’s information.
  • Choose what kind of overview you would like. Here, you can choose to show your monthly, weekly, or daily schedule.
Option to switch among month, week, day, and overview in the calendar

In the right corner of the calendar, you will find all your created calendars. Here, you can:

  • See all calendars that you have created.
  • Add new calendars. To learn more about using several calendars, see our page on multiple calendars.
  • Make your calendar private or create a new private calendar. private calendar will then be hidden from your Online Booking by default, but if someone has the secure link to that calendar – they will be able to see it and book in it!
  • Choose what calendar you want to show on your Calendar page. You can choose to see only bookings from a specific calendar, or perhaps all bookings from all different calendars that you have created.
  • If you are using the app ‘Employees’, you will find your employees’ calendars here as well.
Overview of multiple calendars of all employees or locations.

Calendar settings

Under the Settings Menu –> Calendar, you can edit everything else that is related to your calendar.

  • Change your calendar’s time frame. The calendar on your calendar page is automatically set to a time frame between 9am to 5pm, but many businesses of course have other opening hours. Under ‘Settings’ you can therefore choose what time frame suits your business best.
  • Edit the design of your calendar.
  • Find all personal links to your calendars for eventual integrations with external calendar systems. Read more about calendar synchronizations here.
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