Terms and conditions

Welcome to the Terms and Conditions for easypractice.net. We are basically only interested in providing our customers and partners a super good experience, but to ensure the legal aspects, we have summarized some trading terms and conditions.

The conditions apply to all agreements we enter into at easypractice.net with Mango Apps Ltd. as the company behind it all (CVR: 35642536). The following mentions Mango Apps ApS as solely EasyPractice or easypractice.net.

Customers of EasyPractice are respectively referred to as the client, customer or user.

Are you looking for our policy for personal information collected during visits to on easypractice.net? It can be found here.

Our conditions regarding the processing of personal data within the system on system.easypractice.net can be found here.(Data processing agreement)

When using EasyPractice you are subject to all conditions mentioned in this document and in documents which we link to from here.

Product information

At easypractice.net we provide information on all our products’ main characteristics. For further information or questions about existing information please send an email to easypractice.net via [email protected]

Basically, EasyPractice has two principal areas.

  1. EasyPractice can be used to manage respectively bookings/appointments, SMS reminders, events, records and everything related thereto.
  2. EasyPractice can be used as a payment platform for the customer. The customer can receive a payment for services via EasyPractice.


All rights to the system belongs to easypractice.net. The buyer has, by subscribing to a membership obtained a non-exclusive right to use the system, which easypractice.net may revoke at any time without notice.

Data deletion and data transfer

EasyPractice offers all customers the opportunity to request data deletion for any data associated with their account. Under Article 17 of the GDPR, data subjects have the right to request erasure of personal data if the data is no longer needed or consent has been withdrawn. Data deletion can happen by sending a request to our support on email: [email protected].

EasyPractice also offers downloading your data in a standardized format, should you wish to transfer your data. This can be done by logging into EasyPractice and going to the “Import/Export”-menu in “Settings”.


All prices are current prices and only valid on the day of ordering. Prices change constantly – and possibly from day to day. Buyer will be billed at the price valid on the order date, if easypractice.net accepts the order. All prices shown are excluding VAT.

If you purchased a subscription to easypractice.net, we will automatically invoice each and every month until you cancel your subscription with us.

If you use EasyPractice for handling payments of invoices to your clients, you will also be charged for this service. The price for this can always be found by logging into EasyPractice.


Presentation of products with a price on easypractice.net is not a binding offer, but merely an invitation to make offers. If goods are ordered via easypractice.net it does not constitute a binding acceptance, but a binding offer to easypractice.net to buy goods with the given terms.

A binding agreement between buyer and easypractice.net is only concluded when easypractice.net by order confirmation accepts the buyer’s offer, or when easypractice.net sends an invoice for the transaction.

Payment and subscription

All purchases at easypractice.net are paid with dankort or bank transfer. Data is always sent encrypted (SSL) to our payment gateway provider and you are assured that nobody sees or stores your information apart from you, our payment gateway and NETS. We automatically withdraw your monthly subscription every month until you cancel your agreement with us. Payment is withdrawn ahead of time. Every time a payment is made, you will receive an email with a receipt. Receipts can also be retrieved inside the EasyPractice system.

EasyPractice is a subscription service.

If we in conjunction with a monthly payment can not withdraw payment from your card, you will receive a message accordingly and be asked to register a new payment card.


Payment processing services for user on EasyPractice / EasyPractice are provided by Stripe and are subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Service (collectively, the “Stripe Services Agreement”). By agreeing to these terms or continuing to operate as a user on EasyPractice / EasyPractice, you agree to be bound by the Stripe Services Agreement, as the same may be modified by Stripe from time to time. As a condition of EasyPractice / EasyPractice enabling payment processing services through Stripe, you agree to provide EasyPractice / EasyPractice accurate and complete information about you and your business, and you authorize EasyPractice to share it and transaction information related to your use of the payment processing services provided by Stripe.


EasyPractice seeks to avoid any abuse of its services, but can not guarantee that abuse or intrusion of EasyPractice IT systems can not occur.

If the customer suspects that there is a misuse of card information, EasyPractice services, or that intrusion of EasyPractice IT systems has, or will happen, they must immediately inform EasyPractice. Similarly, the customer must inform EasyPractice if the customer has been subjected to misuse of card information, or attempts to, or actual intrusion into the IT systems, used by the customer.

If EasyPractice deems that the customer is misusing the payment system, violating security regulations and guidelines issued by EasyPractice or NETS, or that there is misconduct from a domain belonging to the customer, EasyPractice is without notice entitled to deny the customers use of the payment system, or prohibit access to the payment system from the said domain.

EasyPractice disclaims any liability if the customer has not complied with safety regulations and guidelines issued by EasyPractice or NETS.


All subscriptions and memberships purchased may be canceled by easypractice.net at any time without notice. Termination by the buyer can only be made at the end of a current period, which typically extends over one month. Termination shall be effected by contacting easypractice.net at [email protected].

Disclaimer and warranty

easypractice.net has made it easy for you to get relevant information on our website, our blog and other websites through links. Information not available on www.easypractice.net is beyond our control. We can therefore in no way be held responsible for the contents of these pages. The same applies to our blog at easypractice.net/blog.

Right of cancellation

The buyer will commence the subscription immediately after purchase, and has no right of cancellation.

The website easypractice.net is run by the company:

Mango Apps ApS – CVR: 35642536

Subject to changes

easypractice.net reserves the right to change and update the rules and conditions that apply to this website. It is therefore important that you keep yourself informed of any changes.

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