Edit your opening hours

Opening hours

To set your general opening hours, go to the Calendar page and click on “Opening hours”. Here, you can easily decide between which hours your business should be open – every day of the week.

Overview and settings menu of opening hours

Your opening hours will then automatically transfer to your Online Booking, meaning that your clients can only book a time when your business is open. Under “Opening hours”, you can also add breaks, edit opening hours for different calendars, and edit your opening hours in specific weeks. Please remember to always press “Save settings” when any changes have been made to your opening hours.

Add breaks

Perhaps you want to set a standard time for your lunch or coffee break? Then click on “Add break” and decide the time and length of your break. This way, you block slots in your calendar, and customers will not be able to book an appointment during your break. When you take breaks, this will be the default and will appear in your calendar every week. All breaks will then be visible under “Breaks”.

Option to Add breaks.

Edit opening hours for different calendars

If you, for example, have several employees working with different calendars, you will need to edit the opening hours for all calendars. To choose which calendar you want to edit your opening hours in, click on the “Calendar” bar in the top left of the corner. Then you will be able to choose which calendar to work with and add different opening hours for different calendars.

Menu for opening hours for different calendars

Edit opening hours in a specific week

If you are leaving for a summer holiday or similar, you might want to edit your opening hours for a specific period – without changing your general opening hours for future bookings. That is why we have added an alternative that makes it possible to edit your opening hours in a specific week. Simply click on “Click here to choose a specific week” and choose in which week you want to edit your opening hours.

This is a perfect tool for planned vacations or other types of breaks, i.e. when you want to change your opening hours well in advance.

Option to edit opening hours in a specific week

Note that you cannot edit the specific opening hours for several weeks at once, but that you can always repeat the process and simply choose a second or third week if your want to extend the period.

Available times

Above the “Opening hours” section, there is also a number of important functions which relate to your Online Booking and your availability, which can be set under Settings –> Online Booking –> Available times. Learn more about these functions here.

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