Send invoices

How to send an invoice to your client

To send an invoice that you have already created for a specific client, go to ‘Inovices’ in the top menu bar. You can also go directly to your client’s profile page and click on ‘Invoices’ to find a specific client’s invoices. Then click on the invoice that you would like to send out (or create a new one).

At the top of the page, you will find the alternative Send invoice:

Instructions for sending an invoice to your client

Click on the button to edit the email that will be sent to your client:

Example of a typical invoice message sent to a client

Note: You can edit the email template for your invoices under Settings –> E-mail and SMS –> Invoice. The email template will automatically be applied to all your invoice emails.

There are two alternatives for attaching your invoice to the email. Either you can attach it as a PDF file to the email, or you can add a link to the invoice. To learn more about these alternatives, see our page on invoice options.

Finally, click ‘Send’ to send the invoice to your client.

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