Online Booking

The Online Booking is one of the most central apps in EasyPractice. The app allows your clients to book appointments with you directly through your website, without you having to lift a finger. Moreover, a number of optional functions are available in the app. These are all created to help you tailor the booking experience to your and your client’s needs.

The video guide above will give you a first introduction to some of the essential functions related to your Online Booking. In the following subpages, we will guide you through all these functions, hopefully making the experience with your Online Booking even better.

The first page will give you an overview of how to make your calendars and services available in your Online Booking. In the following guides, you will find more detailed information about the additional settings. These include:

  • The design and appearance of your Online Booking.
  • Integrating your Online Booking into your website.
  • Editing your available times, including setting a booking limit or choosing a time interval.
  • Activating Client Login, for your clients to be able to create their own booking accounts.
  • Integrations between external apps and your Online Booking.

And all other functions that relate to your Online Booking!

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