Create an event (single or course)

Create a single event

If you are, for example, inviting your clients to a lecture, or having a reception for your clinic, you can create a single event in EasyPractice. Start by going to your calendar front page. Then, click on ‘Create appointment’ (or on an available calendar slot) and choose ‘Create event’:

In the next step, choose to create a Single event:

Note: When you have created more than one event in the system, you can use previous events as templates for your new events. Simply click on the small arrow beside ‘Create a single event’ to choose which former event you would like to use as a template.

The settings will then proceed in three steps:

  1. Information. Edit the general information of your event, including the date and time, the name, and the calendar in which your event will be available. Then, click ‘Next’ to save your information:

2. Settings. Here, you will be able to set the general settings of your new event:

  • Available number of spots: Choose between a range of 1-600 participants on your event.
  • Set the price of your event.
  • Choose to send notifications shortly before the event takes place. The email or SMS template for events can be edited under Settings –> Email & SMS.
  • Choose whether or not the number of spots left on the event should be shown in your registration form.
  • Choose to close the event for further registrations.
  • Other apps: Depending on the apps you have activated, a number of other options can be found here. You can, for example, enable events for vouchers as well as payment rates.

Then, click ‘Next’ to save your settings. In the final step, you will find the link to the registration form for your new event:

Your event can always be edited afterward, by simply clicking on the event in your calendar. To learn more about this option, check out the following sub guide on ‘Managing your events’.

Create a course

EasyPractice also provides an option for creating courses, meaning several ‘single events’ grouped together. To create a course, start by creating an event in the same way as described above, but choose the option ‘Create a course’ instead:

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Four steps will follow:

  1. Information: Fill in the general information about your course, including the course name, the calendar the course is available in, and the description of the course. You can also add an image to the course, which will be shown in the event registration form. Then click ‘Next’ to save your information:

2. Sessions. Here, you will be able to manage the number of events that will be grouped into one course:

Simply add the name of your session, and choose the date and time of that session. Then click on + Add a new session to save that session and create the next one. At least two sessions need to be added to your course.

Most courses, however, consists of repeating sessions that take place for example once every week or month. Therefore, you can also repeat your sessions and simply set the last date for your course. To do so, click on the small arrow next to the session field. Then, set a time for your recurring session and choose how often and until when the course will be running:

Finally, click on ‘Next’ to save your course sessions.

3. Settings. Just as for single events, you will be able to choose the general settings of your course here:

Then click ‘Next’ to save your settings. In the final step, you will, again, find the links to your new course.

To edit or find information about an existing course, click on one of the sessions in your calendar. Then you will be able to either edit that specific session or find all the administrative options for your course under ‘Course overview’:

The Course overview works in the exact same way as for single events. Learn more about administering your courses here.

What does it look like for my clients?

If you are using the Online Booking tool, and have created your first event, you will now find a new menu bar called ‘Events’ on your personal Online Booking page. All events that you have created will be available to your clients in this menu:

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The registration form will then automatically show when your clients click on an event:

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