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As clients are the heart of each practice, we have developed a system that eases your administrative workload, ensures safe processes, and makes the process intuitive for both you and your clients. For example, most practices have numerous clients and, therefore, we have integrated a filter function that enables you to easily and quickly search for a particular client. 

  • New and existing clients can easily book an appointment directly through your online booking
  • With a journal for each client, you always know what you need for each and every meeting
  • Create and customize your own surveys to better understand your clients

Make it as comfortable as possible for your clients

A function that appears in your online booking form is client login. When client login is activated, clients can schedule or cancel appointments on their own. When arranging an appointment in your office, you can make customer login optional, compulsory, or even unavailable. By providing clients with the possibility to handle their bookings you save time and they can calmly book an appointment.

To make this process even more comfortable we have built an integration with Facebook login. Your clients can choose whether to log in to client Login using Facebook with a single click or using a username and password as they normally would.

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Adapt to the needs of your clients

Sometimes a client might not be able to pay for treatment at once or simply needs to cancel at short notice. With our own payment solution EasyPay, you can set up payment rates and refund payments within seconds. These straightforward procedures and your flexibility toward your clients let you stand out from the crowd. 

There are clients for various reasons who cannot meet you in person. With our video meeting app, you will be able to not only offer your services to clients who might have problems visiting your practice rather also to those living in another part of the world. Especially clients who have been with you for years and are not able to see you in your practice anymore will be a fan of meeting you online instead.

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Easy and intuitive online booking for your clients

Your online booking can actually be considered a client’s first meeting with you. It’s, therefore, important that this process flows as seamlessly as possible. With EasyPractice, your clients will quickly notice how easy it is to use your online booking and how it feels to book with you for the first time.

Regardless of your profession, it’s important that your clients can easily and quickly see where, when, and with whom, they should make an appointment and that they get a confirmation immediately after booking. That’s the basis of our online booking that works for all professions and keeps the clients in mind.

Our online booking will ensure that your clients are happy while you can focus on their needs because you will not have to deal with the management of appointments anymore. Your clients will receive a reminder for the appointment and you do not have to worry about late cancellations.

Online booking for different services

Keep a secure record for each client

You’ll always know what you need for each session if you keep a record for each client. Keep track of everything discussed during the appointment with your client so you can review your client’s history later. Using our system will allow you to keep track of all your notes and journal entries in one place, leaving you with as little administrative work as possible. It’s simple to find them and group them together which enables you to provide your clients with the best possible treatment.

By having everything like contact information, journal entries, treatment history, pictures and other files, appointments, and even invoices stored in one place you will no longer have to use your valuable time looking for the current treatment in one folder or application while checking your bank account if the client has already paid the last invoice. Simply search for a client and you receive a comprehensive overview of all information.

EasyPractice is built in accordance with Danish law. We follow HIPAA and GDPR guidelines. This guarantees that our record storing meets all legal, safety, and confidentiality requirements.

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Have client profiles

For each client, you have different client profile. Here you will have a full overview over you active apps and functions and each clients information belonging to each app, e.g their subscriptions and online courses. If you communicate with your clients through our secure messages, these will also be found here.

You also have different functions available here like printing out an overview of a clients previous appointment with price, VAT and payment status. This is something that can benefit you client if they also would like an overview of how often they have used your service. You can also change clients status or ad/changes tags for your clients. These are three small, but important function that can help you get a better overview for you clients by organise them better.

Tailor to your clients’ needs with customized surveys

If you are looking for ways to get feedback from your clients, this is a great way to do so. With deep inside knowledge, you will be able to understand the needs of your clients even better. Little improvements will be appreciated by your clients and will boost your reputation as an excellent practitioner. It is easy to set up and use our Surveys app, and you can send surveys automatically after each appointment if you prefer.

Depending on what information you are looking for, the Surveys app lets you choose a question type, which will determine how your clients will answer the question, such as multiple answers or short text. The answers can then be found under the profiles of your respective clients.

The Surveys app allows you to collect responses manually or automatically from your clients. Because the response options are tailored to your needs, you can feel confident that you will receive precise results. Your clients will appreciate your interest to ask for detailed information before the first meeting or if they were satisfied with your treatment. It shows them that you really care about them. A win-win situation for both!

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Gift card, consent app, and more – for you and your clients

These were only a few of the functionalities and features we offer to improve your bond with your clients. In addition, we offer other apps such as Google Calendar, Gift Card, and Consent app to help you with your daily tasks and most importantly your clients. You can find all our Apps and Functions or Integrations on our website.


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