Organize your clinic better with multiple calendars

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Multiple calendars in Easypractice
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With online booking by EasyPractice, you have the opportunity to create multiple calendars in our calendar booking system. A work day may consist of many different types of treatments, which can benefit from individual calendars for each type. This is also highly advantageous for multiple practitioners sharing a location or clinic.

  • Multiple calendars for the same clinic – add different descriptions, names, and set one or several calendars up for online booking
  • Automatically send a confirmation to the client when an appointment is booked in a specific calendar
  • Automatically match invoices to the correct calendar in your online booking system

Keep it simple – for you and the client

With multiple calendars you can distinguish between different types of treatments, and this will simplify your daily workflow. Your client books an appointment, pays online and receives an invoice, while you receive a notification telling you in which calendar the booking took place and for when the appointment is scheduled. Automating your task in this way will simplify your workflow and leave you with more time to dedicate to your clients.

Organize your clinic better with multiple calendars

Keep track of specific types of treatment

If your clinic offers different types of treatments, it would be beneficial to create multiple calendars to keep appointments for different treatments separate. That way you can always identify a specific treatment by its specific calendar. Each appointment calendar is also shown in your statistical overview. This way, you can compare and keep an eye out on the performance of all of your calendars.

Organize your clinic better with multiple calendars

Make it easy for your client

When a client enters your calendar and all at once, every type of treatment with the prices and dates appears together, they may feel confused. With one calendar for each type of treatment, the client always knows which one they should use to book an appointment. Each active appointment calendar will be shown on your Online Booking page. So, you choose which calendars you wish to receive appointments in. With the booking system you can create multiple calendars, no matter where you work. If you have multiple clinics or a few different places in which you work, what can be better than to create individual calendars for each work location?

Multiple calendars in online booking from the clients perspective

Pair your calendar with an appointment text reminder

Having a calendar app that sends text reminders to your clients a day before their appointment can be a huge advantage. Getting an appointment text reminder goes a long way in ensuring that your clients don’t forget their appointments. This is as great way to combat cancellations, and you should definitely make use of it. Our text reminders are free and automated! Therefore, you won’t waste any time with this, but you will improve your chances that your clients show up to their appointments.

Organize your clinic better with multiple calendars

Multiple practitioners in one system

If your clinic consists of multiple practitioners using the same online booking system, creating a calendar for each individual and each type of treatment can be beneficial. Calendars are easy to name as you please, so you can create them for any purpose you see fit. A calendar booking system like this will allow your employees to focus only on their own clients and appointments. They won’t have to go through all the appointments to find their own but will instead automatically be assigned their appointments.

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