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No more no-shows. Sometimes clients forget appointments, which leads to empty slots in your calendar. With EasyPractice, your clients receive an appointment reminder text message or email the day before your appointment, minimising your financial losses.

  • SMS reminders at noon the day before appointments
  • Customise automatic messages to your clients
  • Free to send both text messages and e-mails

Make sure your appointments are remembered

A free reminder the day before is a useful service that ensures that your appointments will be remembered. In the end it means that you have greater financial gain without extra work, as the reminders are sent automatically.

SMS Reminders mobile version

Both e-mail and text messages

Some people check their e-mail more often than their mobile phone, and as a practitioner you have to take note of this. If you wish to remind the client of their appointment by e-mail, you can create a message of your own. The reminder can be sent by both e-mail and text message - it is up to you and the client.

SMS Reminders mobile version

Customise text reminders for your profession

Different types of clients need different types of information. Specific treatments can change the way you wish to contact the client, and all this can be controlled through the booking system.

SMS Reminder example

Use automatic email and SMS reminders today

To get started, register for an account with EasyPractice and you will have access to this function right away. You can also use email and SMS confirmations and many other automatic messaging options. If you have any questions about this feature or about EasyPractice in general, just get in touch with our friendly support team!

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