Optimize your clinic administration with the EasyPractice journal system: A complete guide to efficient clinic management

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Leading a clinic requires more than just professional expertise. Optimizing clinic administration is the key to ensuring smooth operation and delivering high-quality treatment to your clients. Our goal is to provide clinic owners with the best conditions for a clinic to thrive and grow. We understand that there are many things to keep track of when it comes to clinic administration, so we want to help you shoulder that responsibility – the more you can automate, the easier it becomes for you as a clinic owner.

With this blog post, we have attempted to provide an overview of what EasyPractice can assist with. Read on and learn more about our system. You might even find something that you didn’t know could be automated.


Journal System

Create structure in your notes with our journal system

One of the crucial tasks in clinic administration is journaling. EasyPractice offers an intuitive journaling feature that makes it easy to maintain accurate and structured client records. This increases efficiency and ensures compliance with applicable GDPR regulations through high confidentiality and data security.

The journal is easy to access from various parts of the system, allowing you to find the workflow that suits you best with as few clicks as possible. In our journal system, you can add images and files, making it easy to incorporate journaling into your existing work processes. We securely store all journals for as long as you need, so you don’t have to worry about a storage solution.


Use the checklist to protect your clients’ confidentiality

EasyPractice is designed to meet the strictest requirements for protecting client data under GDPR. With advanced security measures and regular updates, we ensure that your clinic’s online clinic administration software is always compliant with the latest data protection standards.

We understand that GDPR is not always easy to understand, so we have prepared a GDPR checklist. With this checklist, you can easily see what is required of you and what we have taken care of for you. It couldn’t be easier. Along with the list, you will also find details about our GDPR measures, describing what we do to comply with GDPR requirements. So, you’ll become a GDPR expert in no time with our mini-guide.

EasyPractice complies with the latest GDPR standards, so you can securely store your data with us.

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Efficient client management

Optimize user experience with automated message flows and invoicing

Our system offers a comprehensive client management solution that streamlines communication, booking, and follow-up. By automating these processes, EasyPractice allows your clinic to focus more on client care and less on administrative tasks. You can decide exactly when your client should receive messages regarding appointments, so you can easily customize it, for example, to a cancellation policy.

In the setup, you will be presented with a range of options, allowing you to tailor the message flow directly to your company’s needs. Would you like to send a follow-up message after 6 months? No problem. Should your customer receive a questionnaire a few days before your appointment? We’ve got that covered too. In addition, you get the first reminder SMS for free. Read more about our Free SMS reminders and discover new possibilities with automated messages.

Customizable features

Customize your system to your clinic’s needs with a wide range of features

EasyPractice is not a one-size-fits-all solution. With a wealth of features and apps, you can customize the system to precisely meet your clinic’s unique needs. By customizing billing, reporting, and payment, our software creates a tailored administrative environment. So, you can easily add and remove features and apps according to your current needs, so you don’t have to pay for more than what you use.

We are constantly adding new features and are also interested in hearing what you want for our system. You can easily get an overview of all the current features and apps on our website. We also offer the opportunity for you to connect your own system to ours through our open API. We have developed a detailed API documentation, so it’s super easy for you to get started.

optimaliser sortering

Save time in everyday life

Focus on your treatments by streamlining business processes

One of the primary benefits of EasyPractice is its ability to free up time. By automating administrative tasks, you can spend less time on paperwork and more time delivering high-quality services to your clients. Collaborating clinics have already benefited from our system, making a significant difference in their daily workflows.

With our intuitive online booking and automatic invoicing, you only need to focus on treating your clients. You know your clients best, so we give you the opportunity to customize your booking flow for your clients. Once it’s set up, bookings start flowing in. If you get a bit too busy, you can advantageously use our waiting list app to ensure coverage in case of a (late) cancellation.

Two-factor authentication

Maintain a high level of security in your business with two-factor authentication

It´s always reassuring to know exactly who has access to your system. When there are multiple users in the same system, it’s good to know that all users are authorized. With the integration of two-factor authentication you will receive a 6-digit code that you will need to enter when logging into your account and keeping it safe!

optimaliser din plass på kontoret

Employees and tenants

Manage your staff in the clinic with our employee and tenant function

Administering multiple employees in the clinic becomes easy with EasyPractice`s employee function. This integration simplifies planning, follow-up, and communication, allowing your clinic to operate seamlessly with an efficient team. You can control how much access your employees have in the system, so you can have varying types of employees. You can also extract employee-specific data to keep track of each individual’s turnover.

In addition to the employee function, we also have a tenant function. So, you get the opportunity to distinguish between who is a leaseholder and who is an employee, and you can see the leaseholder’s turnover directly in the system. You can therefore spend less time managing others and more time on what you want

Integrated accounting

Make accounting easy and simple by integrating your accounting program with the system

EasyPractice makes financial management smooth by integrating with well-known accounting systems such as Free agent. This allows your clinic to maintain accurate accounts without hassle. As soon as an invoice is created in EasyPractice, it is sent through the system, so you don’t have to create the same invoice twice. The same goes for credit notes or if you receive a payment. Our integration ensure that the data from us ends up correctly in your accounting program – quickly and securely.

Secure online payment

Receive payment from your clients with our secure online payment solution

Our online payment solution, EasyPay, ensures easy online payment for you and your customers. It becomes easy and secure, meaning your customers don’t click away due to a cumbersome purchasing process. This not only optimizes customer billing but also ensures that your clinic remains financially efficient. You can also choose whether your customers should pay before an appointment or not.

optimalier og effektiviser med online betaling

Therapist Booking creates overview and streamlines your clinic operation

EasyPractice is not just a clinic administration software; it is a fully integrated solution designed to improve and facilitate work for all types of clinics. With a focus on simplicity, customization, and efficiency, it is your key to achieving optimal clinic administration and delivering first-class client care.

We continuously develop the system for our customers’ needs, so if you don’t find exactly the feature you’re looking for, you are always welcome to write to us at [email protected] to see if it’s something we can add. All other questions are of course also welcome. Our support team is ready to help you get started, so take the first step toward more efficient clinic management.

Create a free user today and get a firsthand impression of how EasyPractice can meet your unique needs.

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