How to avoid double booking by blocking calendar access

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Many people have experienced getting annoyed by a double booking, but you can avoid that with calendar blocking! Then you don’t have to send a nasty message to the client to move in an hour. It creates a lot of extra work that could have been directed at other, more productive tasks. Further in this blog post, you can read how you can set up your rules to avoid this, and it’s very easy!

We recently launched for one-way and two-way calendar blocking. In the past, we have used service groups to avoid double booking, but this is no longer needed. The function is part of the calendar package, which means you can go directly to settings -> calendar to set up your own blocks.

Set up calendar blocking

Press on new blocking rule and follow the steps. Here you choose which calendars you want to set up rules for. You then choose whether it should be one-way or two-way. Furthermore, you choose to untick the two boxes if this is something you want. Finally, press “add new rule”. You have now set up your two-way blocking.

You can also set up more rules as you wish so that it suits your needs. If you want to have a one-way blocking to another calendar, follow the same steps as shown above. Then you avoid the inconvenience of a booking in a calendar not fitting since you already have an appointment.

What happens in practice when double booking is avoided

When a client books an appointment in your calendar called ‘Online Consultation’ at 09:00, this time will be removed from Online Booking in the other calendar. This is nice to know as it easily removes the frustration that will arise when the same person has two different calendars.

You also have several options for customizing your calendar. Furthermore, as a synchronization with Google Calendar, edit the appearance or simply create new calendars. You can also activate apps that best fit your system.

If you need help setting up, or have any other questions, you can send us an email. We will help as best we can!

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