Accept payments online and easily for your practice with EasyPay

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Accept payments online and easily for your practice with EasyPay
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In cooperation with, one of the World’s biggest providers of online payment solutions, we’ve developed a revolutionising online payment system for you and your clients. With a few quick clicks, your clients can pay for their treatments and sessions online when booking appointments with you. You can choose either to reserve the amount on their credit card until the treatment has been performed or to give them the chance to pay with a credit card directly from the invoice you send them after your appointment. Easy Pay combined with our Events app, EasyPay becomes a strong tool to secure attendance at all your courses, seminars, and events when the participants pay when they book. EasyPay is intuitive, fast, and simple to use. Just a few clicks are needed to set it up and start using it. Using our online payment system will give you:

  • Simple and secure online payment
  • Automatic invoicing for your clients
  • No subscription, no big contract with credit card companies or expensive credit card terminals

Let your clients pay online when they book their appointment

With EasyPractice’s own payment solution, EasyPay, you can combine online booking with online payment. Your clients can find an available time slot and pay for your service upfront. No more worrying about the administration of payments from your clients – everything is registered and invoiced directly and automatically in EasyPractice.

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No more paperwork

With EasyPay there’s no more hassle with sending in papers or paying a big startup fee to be able to accept credit cards. Just enter your company information in the system, and you’re set to accept payments from your clients. EasyPay is easy to set up. Create a free EasyPractice user and log on. When logged on, go to ‘Apps’ in the menu across the top of the screen and activate EasyPay. Follow the instructions given, and you’re good to go. Since EasyPay has no binding period, you can always choose another platform later on if you’d like.

You can also download your received online payments from EasyPay and have them all in one place for an even better overview of your client’s online payments. Simply go to the Import / Export settings and choose from the Export drop-down list “EasyPay payments”. You can now download them as a CSV file.

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Transparent pricing

With EasyPay, it doesn’t matter how many transactions you make. You always pay the same price: 2.9% + £0.22 per transaction. EasyPay has no monthly subscription fee. It has no binding period. You don’t need an expensive payment agreement or payment gateway. Everything is included in the price.

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Let your clients pay in rates

As a practitioner, sometimes it is important to make things easier for your clients and allow them to pay in rates. Charging your clients in rates is something you can do through EasyPay! Activate our Payment Rates app and let EasyPay do the work for you. It runs automatically after the first payment from your clients. However, keep in mind that they have to choose to pay through EasyPay for this to work. After the first payment, the rest of the installments will be charged automatically at the agreed time!

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Get started with EasyPay

If you wish to schedule patient appointments online and try our booking appointment app free of charge – sign up for EasyPractice today and try it out yourself. If you have any questions or if you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you. If you already have an account and you are not sure about how some features work, visit our Help Centre for in-depth explanations and our Blog for interesting guides and articles!

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