First quarter of 2022 has gone. We’ve spent it improving the system

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The first quarter of the year has gone – and at EasyPractice, we have, once again, thought long and hard about how we can create more value for our customers. Today, as tradition dictates, I will write a blog post compiling all the new things that have been introduced to the EasyPractice system during the first three months of 2022.

Let’s dive right in!

Automatic locking of journals and better file management

Journals are, without a doubt, one of the most used apps in EasyPractice. Some even refer to us as a “journaling system”. For this reason, it is, of course, of interest to us to better the experience our customers have when writing journal entries. Therefore, we’ve introduced two neat improvements for our journal app.

First of all, it’s now possible for you to automatically lock journals once you’ve created them. GDPR and overall security is at the very core of our business, and we’ve had many users email us about the locking of journals.

Therefore, we’ve now introduced a setting within the journals that allows for automatic locking of journals in the system. This way, you don’t have to think about this and risk forgetting to lock them.

Settings for journals within the EasyPractice system to activate automatic locking of journals.

To activate this setting, go to “settings” → “journals” → “settings”.

Second of all, we’ve now improved the functionality of file management within journal entries. Previously, all files from journals were stored at the right hand side, but now, it’s also possible to add a file that’s specific to a particular journal. Through super helpful and valuable user feedback from you, the ones who are using the system, I now understand that this is an important feature if, for example, a specific image should be added to the journal.

To add a file or image to the journal entry, simply click the file or image icon before saving the journal entry. This way, it’s easy to relocate it and connect it with a booking.’

Email design improvements

Just as we know that journals is one of the most used apps, we also know that a lot of emails are sent to clients through EasyPractice. This could be confirmations, pin codes, reminders, or something else entirely.

Even though the functionality is not really dependent on the design, we are still very concerned with the overall experience the client has.

Therefore, we’ve updated the email design to accommodate a 2022-design with softer edges and a bit more color. Simply put, we’re making our emails more modern.

Here’s an image of the emails before and after. The observant reader might notice that we’ve said goodbye to the black beam at the top.

Old email design on the left and new email design on the right for EasyPractice. Old one has a black beam at the top and sharp edges. New one does not have a beam and has soft edges.

Transparent communication from employees and additional rights

Not everyone uses the app “Employees” at EasyPractice. Regardless, I think it’s earned its right on this list. The reason is that we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of employees created within the different EasyPractice accounts. And we think that’s super cool!

This is also one of the reasons why we’ve improved the functionality of this app – and particularly communication between clinic and client has been scrutinized.

We’ve been made aware that when working in a clinic, it’s not best practice that the administrator is reminded of all changes across all employees’ systems.

As a result, messages to the clinic about a particular client booking will now be sent directly to the employee in question. Similarly, confirmations and reminders have now been connected with the employee so that the client has a more personal experience with the clinic and the assigned therapist.

Another thing we’ve been looking into is the employee’s limited access to settings and apps. This means that clinic owners no longer need to be the only ones who can change settings and activate apps. Now, employees can help. All clinic owners can now assign rights to employees, making them able to change settings or activate apps on their own. This makes it possible to create more detailed workflows.

Access rights settings for different employees within the EasyPractice system

Three additional treats

Send birthday wishes to your clients on their birthday and make yourself noticed 

The personal expression of a clinic is important. And how can your clinic go that extra mile for clients? Personally, I could imagine that making yourself noticed through the small incentives is important for a clinic. In this regard, we had an idea (and we’ll let you be the judge of how good it was) to have the system tell you when it’s your client’s birthday.

It’s now possible to filter your clients and ensure that you remember to wish them a happy birthday – or perhaps even give them a small present when they come to your clinic. We’ve also added an icon to the booking in the calendar. When it’s your client’s birthday, a birthday cake icon will appear next to the client name.

We thought that this would be a fun extra little thing.

Get easy, fast, and practical help within the system

We’ve enabled better help directly within the system – when and where you need it. We’ve built a brand new help center, which serves as a handbook for the system – kind of like the manual we keep in the glove compartment of the car that we consult all the time…

Let’s pretend that you’re looking at the invoices menu point, thinking “how exactly is it that the active invoices work?”. In this case, you simply click on your name in the upper right corner and then on “help centre”. Then the help center will automatically show you the corresponding help center page to get more information about just what you’re looking at.

This is nothing short of insanely smart, if you ask us.

Invoices navigation menu within the EasyPractice system with the corresponding help center page opened on the right hand side.

Automatic search for quick navigation

The last thing I’ll mention in this post is our improved in-system navigation. When navigating from one menu to another (for example from calendar to clients), EasyPractice will automatically activate search in the clinic menu for you to begin your search. In a day, this will eliminate several clicks, I’m sure!

So, that was this quarter’s update. Besides all the “new things” I’ve just shared with you, we also continuously fix any potential bugs and errors we find to ensure that our system is fast, updated, and safe to use. We hope that you’re still happy with your EasyPractice system and that you’ll stay updated on our continued development of the system.

Have a lovely day!

Kind regards,

Oliver, EasyPractice

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