Update on Pricing and Client Appointments

Bjoern Andre Sundet
1 minute read
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What’s new?

We are adjusting our pricing and how we count annual client appointments. Now, we would really like to share this update with you. Our base price remains unchanged. However, moving forward, it will be possible to have up to 100 annual client appointments at this price.

If you have over 100 annual client appointments, your price will increase by 5 Euros per 100 appointments. Therefore, we check the created appointments made in the system within the applicable year. You can see how this affects your price under “Settings” → “Subscription.”

This adjustment allows us to better align price with usage. This way, both small and large clinics can use EasyPractice. When your clinic grows and you add more client appointments to the system, the price will adjust accordingly.

The new prices take effect on July 3rd, 2024.

What is a client appointment?

We’ve observed confusion regarding the counting of client appointments within the system. We are truly grateful that you share your feedback with us, and of course, we listen to it. Hence, we’re currently altering the method of counting client appointments.

From now on, client appointments will only be those you have in your calendar from today’s date and a year back. If the appointment is over a year old, it will not be counted in the tally of client appointments. You can track how many client appointments you have in your calendar under “Settings” → “Subscription.”

You can now confidently book appointments with clients years into the future. Also, you can create private appointments in the system without affecting your price. Events and other types of appointments also do not count towards the tally of client appointments.

We believe that with this adjustment, we can continue our mission to be the best digital administration system. For clinics and therapists throughout.

If you have any questions about your subscription, please contact us a [email protected]

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