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To make sure your clients get the most out of your treatments, you can save precious time with a user-friendly booking system built for clairvoyants. You can simply and easily control everything you have to do which comes alongside assisting your client. In one account, you can cover bookings, payments, statistics and more. There is no need to cross-check calendars or write reminders to clients manually when EasyPractice can do it all for you!

All you need in one system

All you need in one system


Perfect for your clients

With a booking system, not only will you be in control of your paperwork, but your clients also have an easier time when booking appointments, sorting out payment and receiving invoices. By using automatic online booking, your client can find available appointments in your calendar, book an available slot and receive the invoice by e-mail all in just a few clicks. You are notified automatically when a new appointment is booked.

  • Payment – invoices sent directly to client’s e-mail
  • EasyPay payment module – choose your desired method of payment
  • Booking – your client easily finds available slots in your calendar online
  • Text message reminders at noon the day before your appointment – clients will never forget an appointment again
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If you have too many irons in the fire, it’s amazing with a system that easily integrates booking and events on both website and social media. It’s professional – and makes your own practice look more professional.


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Spend your time on the essentials

With easy management of administrative tasks, more time is saved for you to help your clients. You have time to do exactly what you do best, while the clients easily book their appointments online. Automate tasks through EasyPractice such as messaging, keeping track of appointments and payments and more! Whatever you’re looking to save time on, an online booking system can help. Make use of automated messaging via email and SMS. Your Invoices can be created with the click of a button and you can set your own opening hours so that clients can book any time suitable for you.

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Ensure your data is secure

With EasyPractice, we have a number of functions and apps which prioritize your safety and security. You can ask your clients for consent to process their data and EasyPractice will keep track of which clients have given their consent. There are also apps to control how long you will remain logged in to your account when you are inactive and Two-Factor authentication will ensure nobody else can gain access to your account.

How do I get started using EasyPractice?

When you sign up for an account, you can import your client data to EasyPractice using our handy Import/Export function and get started using a free account right away! You can try out all of our functions and apps to see which suits you and your practice the best.

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