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To make it as easy as possible for clients to book an appointment with you, they must be able to book it directly from your website. This means that the client should not have to navigate back and forth to book an appointment. At EasyPractice, we’ve created a booking system that lets you merge it with your own website so that your clients can easily book an appointment with you.

  • Booking and information all in one place
  • The client can find available slots in your calendar
  • WordPress compatible online booking
  • Easily integrated with a simple piece of code

Make it easy for you and your client

As a clinic, you should try to make your processes as simple as possible. As you are treating already stressed individuals, you do not want to add to this burden with a confusing booking system and the requirement to keep track of lots of pertinent information. By integrating the booking system on your website, this all becomes a little easier – for you and for your clients.

Directly built-in for optimised design

With an integrated booking system directly on your own website, the booking process seems simpler and more manageable. The client doesn’t have to worry about crazy links or pop-up windows that appear here and there. Everything is done right on your website, and the simple design equates to heightened user-friendliness and a more professional expression.

Different solutions for heightened usability

When using online booking, you have 4 ways to integrate the booking system on your website. Essentially, they have the same functionality, but if you prefer your system in a certain way, you’ll be able to customise it to your liking. Having the system directly built-in is usually the preference among therapists, but it’s all up to you how you want the module to be integrated onto your site:

  • With a link
  • With a pop-up
  • Directly built-in
  • As a plugin for WordPress

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