Keep track of administrative tasks with online payment

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Payment and billing can often be a time consuming part of your work, usually done as the last task of the day when all the treatments are over. At EasyPractice, we’ve created an online bookings system that enables clients to pay online through your website and receive a receipt automatically by e-mail straight away.

  • Direct and easy payments from clients when they book with you through online booking
  • Design the invoice to your preference, including picture or logo, contact info and payment details
  • Flexible payment options for clients with each treatment or event – directly in your booking system

Help your client and make a good impression

With online payment through the online booking system, you can gather all your bills and other payment-related documents in just one place. The client pays online and receives an invoice by e-mail, so you will not have to worry whether you entered everything correctly. Everything happens automatically.

Keep track of administrative tasks with online payment


We call this system EasyPay, and it is the first of its kind in Denmark. Having too many online payment platforms can be confusing. Therefore, we have cooperated with to create a booking app with an online payment platform that will simplify your transactions with your clients. The system is simple and easy to use for you and your clients. This way, it is very easy for your clients to pay when they are booking an appointment in your Online Booking. This can be used for all your services, courses, seminars, and events.

Secure payment with easy practice

You decide when the client pays

With EasyPay, you are in charge of when the client pays. There are two possibilities to choose from – you can either reserve the amount on your clients’ card until the treatment has been done, or you can give them a chance to pay directly from the invoice that will be sent to them after the appointment.

Example of the process to pay an invoice with EasyPay

No binding contract or difficult conditions in small print

With EasyPay, it does not matter how long or how much you use the system. The price is always 2.9% + £0.22 for a transaction. There is no subscription, no contracts with credit card companies or credit card terminals needed to use EasyPay, all you need to do is activate the app in your EasyPractice online appointment booking system. Having such an online bookings system will save you from extra expenses and paperwork!

EasyPay Screenshot

Avoid difficult paperwork

When you input your clinic’s information on, every process is handled automatically from that point on. All billing and other paperwork is documented and handled online, with easy access for you. The system is intuitive and simple to use, and you will always be able to find what you are looking for. We have multiple apps dedicated to security. If you are using an online appointment booking system, the safety of your, and your clients’ data is a priority. We are located in Denmark, a country that has some of the strictest data regulation laws, and we will make sure your data is safe.

Try out our online payment platform today!

Register for a free account with us today and try it out yourself! If you have any questions or if you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you. If you already have an account and you are not sure about how some features work, visit our Help Centre for in-depth explanations!

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