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It is very important that your clients have a smooth and simple experience when booking and communicating with you. This post will show you your EasyPractice online booking from the perspective of your clients and help you to make the best decisions in setting up your online booking form and appointment scheduler.

Logging in for clients

The first page your clients will see is an option to log in or to book an appointment. It is important that this page makes a good first impression on your clients that is in line with your practice. You can customize this page by adding an image or logo and a description on the right-hand side. To do this, go to Settings -> Online Booking -> Appearance where you can upload an image and write your own description.

If you want your clients to have to log in to book an appointment with you, choose this option in Settings -> Online Booking -> Client Login. Here you can choose to allow or require clients to log in before they can book.

Here is an example of what your first page could look like:

Overview of a practice website using EasyPractice displaying how it looks for clients

If a client on your booking page has booked before, they can choose to log in with their email address or phone number. This will allow them to view their personal page with previous appointments, invoices, and secure messages, depending on which of these you have enabled. When a client logs in in this way, they will receive a PIN code within a few minutes of clicking “send code” (as seen in the image below). Alternatively, you can enable Facebook Login which you can activate in “Apps” in your account. Then your clients will see the option to “Login with Facebook” and if they are Facebook users, they can log in right away in an even easier way.

Login for clients wether with phone number, Email or with Facebook

Booking an appointment

Online booking overview for clients

Once logged in, if your client is wanting to book an appointment, they can choose “Book appointment” in their top menu bar. They will see the booking flow which you have chosen. For more guidance in choosing the booking flow that is right for you, you can read our guide.

In the image above, you can see an option under the available times that says “Can’t find a time that suits you? Click here and sign up for a waiting list.” Using Waiting Lists is a great way to make sure you do not end up with empty appointment slots if a client has to cancel. If a client chooses this option, you will be notified that they have signed up for a waiting list and if that slot becomes free, you can send them an invitation to the appointment.

If you want your client to pay at the time of booking, make sure you have activated EasyPay. Then, your client will enter their payment details as part of the online booking process and the payment will be reserved on their card until the appointment. This way, you do not need to worry about clients not showing up to appointments.

Once your client has booked their appointment, they will then receive a confirmation which you can set up and edit in Settings -> Email and SMS.

Overview of appointments

If they go to “Your Page” in their menu, they will see a summary of previous and future appointments. This is also where they can request a cancellation from you for future appointments.

Appointment overview for clients

Again, you can choose what your clients see so if you do not want them to be able to request a cancellation here or to see their previous appointments, you can change this in your account by going to Settings -> Online Booking -> Client Login.

Secure Messages for clients

A great way to communicate with your clients is through Secure Messages. If you send a message, they will receive a notification by email and next to the Messages button in their menu.

Secure Messages is a way of sending encrypted message to your clients and you can also attach files. They can reply and also attach files to send to you. Whether you want to send them a friendly message, a journal entry or a separate document, you can use the Messages option and they can reply too.

Example of a secure message between a practitioner and a client

Other options

The other tabs in their menu which you can see here are “Buy voucher” and “Online Courses”. It depends which apps you have activated so choose what suits your practice!

Don’t forget you can always view your own online booking form by going to Settings -> Online Booking, and choosing the button “View your online booking form”.

I hope this is a helpful insight into what your clients see for our users who are learning how to use their EasyPractice system!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our Help Centre, you can just send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you! If you would like any more advice or have any comments or questions, please get in touch! We would love your feedback as much as you would like feedback from your clients.

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