Online scheduling software for yoga instructors

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Scheduling software for yoga instructors

We are all familiar with the benefits of yoga. This wonderful practice is known to have many health benefits – mental and physical alike. You as a yoga instructor, probably wish to focus as much as you can on working with your clients and helping them reap all the positive benefits of practicing yoga. Automating parts of your work will give you time and freedom to put most of your efforts into what matters the most. Using an online scheduling software that can also simplify your administrative tasks, will help you save time and have a clear head, free of worries about your day-to-day activities.

Using online scheduling software and allowing your clients to book online appointments can take your business to the next level. This way, you will be able to get appointments without having to lift a finger! Keep reading to find out about more useful functions such online scheduling software might have for you!

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What is an Online Scheduling Software?

In short, an online scheduling software is a handy tool that allows your clients to book appointments with you online. It can be embedded into your website, or you can use a separate website for this. You set your working hours and the services that you offer. Your clients can then choose the wanted service and a time that works for them that is available in your calendar. Once they book an appointment, that time can no longer be booked. This kind of software usually offers more apps and functions that can simplify other parts of your work as well.

Online booking at EasyPractice

Our Online Booking system allows your clients to book appointments with you through your website. Besides this, we have many other apps and functions available for use in your online booking system. Depending on your, and your clients’ needs you can choose which of them you want to use. However, there are some functions that are essential for your online booking – firstly, calendars and services. Here, you create the services you are offering, you put a description, set a price, and you can even set the limit on the number of times a service can be booked in a day. Once your clients go to your online booking page and book online appointments, they will automatically be shown in your calendar. You can also put in appointments manually. If perhaps, you have multiple studios, there is a possibility of creating multiple calendars for each of them. You can also create calendars for other instructors that work in your studio. In your Online Booking, you can offer more than just your basic services. Here, your clients can also sign up for courses and events.

Online booking in our online scheduling software from the clients' perspective

Organize events and classes with your online scheduling software

Holding classes and other events is an essential part of your work. Easy practice gives you the option to create an Event in your online booking. While creating it, you provide all the necessary information and then people can sign up for the event the same way they would usually book online appointments with you. Once someone books to participate in an event, you receive a notification. That way you can always keep track of new participants. You set up the maximum amount of attendees for each event and the deadline for signing up.

If you wish to update your attendees, or simply provide them with more information, you can send e-mails or SMS to them. Email or SMS event reminders are very useful in making sure your attendees show up, thus lowering the number of cancellations. If a cancellation does happen, we have waiting lists that you can use to fill out the now-empty spot. If you are worried about invoicing a group of participants online, no worries, it is really easy! Under ‘Invoicing’, you can easily create and send invoices for all participants that have not yet received an invoice.

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Create and Sell Online Courses

As a yoga instructor, you hold a lot of knowledge that you can share with others. At EasyPractice you can easily create Online Courses that you can give or sell to your clients. Here, you can add your own images and videos, but videos from websites such as Youtube, Twitter, Loom and more, are also supported. It is also possible to add files that your clients can download and use. Once you create your course, you can put in your Online Booking, and your clients can choose between your services, events, or course booking. When the clients complete their course booking and buy your course, you can offer the full course right away, or you can have different course elements available later on. You have three possibilities here:

  1. Make the entire course available immediately upon purchase.
  2. Choose to make parts of the course available on a specific date.
  3. Make parts of the course available a certain number of days after purchase.

Simplify paying with EasyPay

We have our own paying platform integrated into the system that you can activate and use. When your clients book online appointments with you, you can either reserve the amount on your clients’ card until the treatment has been done, or you can give them a chance to pay directly from the invoice that will be sent to them after the appointment. This paying option can be used on any type of online appointments that your clients book – events, courses, and services. It is a system that is easily set up with just a few clicks. There are no subscriptions, no contracts with credit card companies, or credit card terminals needed to use EasyPay. This simple and secure paying option can facilitate the paying process between you and your clients!

Try it out on your own!

If this post has inspired you to try using an online scheduling software yourself sign up and try the best appointment scheduling app for free! As soon as you register an account with EasyPractice, you will have access to all of the mentioned features and more. Visit our blog and our Help Centre for more information on our apps and functions. Do you need help getting started, or do you have questions about our features? Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!

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