How to use the interval and pause function to customise your online booking form

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Hi everybody!

Here’s a short guide on how to customise your booking form by using the interval and pause function.

If the booking range in this example is set to 75 minutes (available times are displayed at 75 minute intervals) and the clinic’s opening hours are 8 am -17 pm, it means that the following times will be available:

8.00 am
9.15 am
10:30 am
11:45 am
13:00 pm
14:15 pm
15:30 pm
16:45 pm

In order to allow the time interval to fit the clinic’s opening hours, you can add a pause of 15 minutes at 11.45 am. Then the next time available will be at 12 pm, and the last available time will be at 15.45 pm. In this way, it will also fit with the last appointment ending at 17 pm when the clinic closes.

I hope my example above helps getting an idea og how the pause and interval function work otherwise, send me an email and I will help customise your booking form.

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