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As a healer, your true skills are beyond administrative tasks. Many feel stressed out by being burdened with arranging appointments, taking care of payments, and sending invoices whilst working with clients. With online booking by EasyPractice, all of these tasks are in one system, leaving you with more time for healing clients. With the booking system, your potential clients have free access to see when you are available and make their own bookings.

Get started in just 2 minutes

Get started in just 2 minutes

EasyPractice is incredibly easy to set up and use. With an online booking system from EasyPractice, you can keep focused on bettering your clients’ everyday lives, while we take care of the administration in your everyday life. Your new booking system has an array of features that automatise your administrative tasks and makes everything run smoothly. We offer a:


Benefits for your clients

A booking system is not only optimal for you as a practitioner but it is easy and simple for your clients as well! You will give a great impression of your practice with an easy booking system. Your client can quickly find an available appointment in your calendar, confirm the appointment and pay online – all in just a few clicks.

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If you have too many irons in the fire, it’s amazing with a system that easily integrates booking and events on both website and social media. It’s professional – and makes your own practice look more professional.


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Optimal for practitioner and client alike

Online booking benefits both you as a healer and your client. You have more time for your treatments, while your client has an easier time booking appointments and making payments as well as not forgetting their appointment with our reminders! Everything can happen online which means no more unnecessary phone calls.

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All your client information in one place

We know you keep track of your clients in terms of progress. If you want to have easy access and organisation of all this information, use our Journals feature! Here, you can gather all your information and save templates so that you can quickly and easily fill them in after each appointment. Plus, you can access all the information you keep on your clients in one place so you’ll never forget anything or waste time making unnecessary duplicates. You can set up and choose journal templates when you keep notes on clients and sessions and lock client journals for security and according to your needs. Improve your notes by attaching files and images to your journals for easy access. Navigate from appointment information in your calendar to the relevant journal with just one click.

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