Simple salon appointment software for beauticians

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At EasyPractice, we provide online booking solutions to handle all your work-related paperwork as a cosmetologist, so you don’t have to spend your time on tiresome tasks. You will have a salon appointment booking software to handle administrative tasks easily; it is both fast and practical, allowing you to focus on your work.

Everything necessary to run a successful beauty clinic

Everything necessary to run a successful beauty clinic


Easy booking and payment

The system helps you structure your workflow while your clients also have an easier time booking an appointment in your calendar. Your clients find an available spot in your calendar, mark it, pay and receive an invoice by e-mail and, in turn, you receive a reminder of the appointment. With EasyPay by Stripe, you are in charge of your preferred type of payment.

  • Booking – your clients can easily and safely secure an appointment online
  • Receipt of invoice is sent by e-mail to the client and payment is handled online
  • The EasyPay module lets you choose your favourite method of payment
  • Text message reminders at noon the day before your appointment
Simple salon appointment software for beauticians

EasyPractice is brilliant, and I recommend it to everyone I know in the counselling business as well as to all of my course participants.  This is definitely the best system out there. It’s easy to use, it’s manageable and it’s easy to get started

Maj Wismann
CEO and Owner of

Time is money

With an online booking system, all your important documents are in one place and your clients can book appointments without even having to pick up the phone. You and your clients both save time, even though the result is the same: new appointments in your calendar.

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How can EasyPractice help a beautician?

As a beautician, you want your clients to feel welcome at your clinic, be able to book appointments easily and keep up to date with any changes to your treatments or prices. All of this can be handled automatically by EasyPractice. If you want to send newsletters to clients, you can activate the MailChimp integration and send beautiful emails to clients to keep them updated. You could also choose to send group messages if there are a select number of clients you want to keep informed about something in particular.

Offer your clients vouchers, discount codes and gift cards

You can set up and offer all of these through EasyPractice. Many beauticians find that offering packages of treatment appointments encourage their clients to visit more often and spend more on treatments while it also offers the clients a great discount on your services. Offer packages of sessions with the Vouchers app where you choose the price, number of sessions, and conditions yourself. Perhaps you also want to give your clients a discount when they visit at less busy times of the year to encourage more bookings. Then, the Discount Codes app will be useful for you as you can set up any discount you like and send the code to your clients for them to use when they book. Gift Cards too can be created in your account and purchased online so your clients can buy them themselves or gift them to others! This way, you will have more bookings and the word will get out about your services.

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