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At EasyPractice, we have created a system that eases your administrative tasks as acupuncturists. Our system provides peace of mind for you and your clients, knowing that payment, reporting of healthcare and editing medical records is always handled effortlessly. Join the huge number of acupuncturists already making their work life easier by using EasyPractice.

Merits for you as well as your clients

Merits for you as well as your clients

The EasyPractice booking system provides you, as an acupuncturist, with an easy way to send invoices by email and keep track of your clients’ progress. This will simplify your practice and save you precious resources as well as putting your clients at ease, knowing everything will happen automatically.


An efficient solution in several ways

EasyPractice is designed to be as simple as possible for practitioners and clients. There is no need for either of you to waste precious time on setting up appointments, payments or anything else besides your practice. We understand the repetitive tasks which you need to get done and so we have created EasyPractice in order to automate those tasks as much as possible, leaving you with extra time for your clients.

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I think that EasyPractice is really great. You get a low-priced product that has all the features you would need as a practitioner. Furthermore, the service is always great.

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Save time on every administrative level

By using the online booking system designed for practitioners, you ensure a quick and efficient handling of administrative tasks, for the benefit of both you and your clients. Your clients can see your calendar and book an appointment as you are available. You can easily look through records of your clients, appointments or anything else you might need. Besides which, with EasyPay you are in charge of both how and when your payment is due. This will allow you to spend more time with your clients and not doing the paperwork, while bringing structure to your archives. EasyPractice is a user-friendly system that anyone can use!

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How does EasyPractice work for acupuncturists?

As an acupuncturist, you need to know your client’s conditions and treat them accordingly. Whether you choose to take specific information from your clients at the time of booking or in person, you can organise this with an online system. You can use our Custom Fields app to ask your clients any questions when they are booking online. The answers of your clients are stored in an easily accessible way in the client profile. Send Surveys to ask clients additional questions and allow clients to schedule an appointment online to discuss their needs.

Customise according to your needs

You can set your own services in EasyPractice so whether you have a huge range of treatments available or a generic appointment for all clients, your online booking form fits your clinic. Peace of mind is important for your clients so when they book with you using EasyPractice, they can be sure to receive confirmation and reminder messages by email or SMS, however you have chosen to communicate automatically.

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