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For developers and companies who want to integrate with EasyPractice for personal use or business, we provide the opportunity to reach over 20,000 clinics and therapists. You can either start building your app right away or partner up with us so we can distribute your app to all our users. If you are interested in offering your apps commercially to our users, visit our App Partners page. You can also take a look at our already available Integrations.

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Steps on how to become an app partner or get started building an app

Step 1
Create an integration for EasyPractice. See how to get started on our API page
Step 2
Submit your integration or app for review by using the form on our website
Step 3
We receive an e-mail that someone has submitted an app and we review the integration.
Step 4
If approved, we insert the app in our apps-section in a "Third-party"-apps category.

Are you looking to distribute your app or develop it for a single clinic?

Distributing your app to multiple clinics

Through our partnership programme we make it possible for developers and businesses to develop and distribute custom software to our customers through our app store. If you have already developed an app or integration and you’re looking to publish it to multiple clinics then see below.

Integrating with a single practice

Luckily it’s really easy to start developing integrations and custom software for EasyPractice. Regardless of the type of code you wish to write we call this “apps”. There’s no need to become a partner, you can simply follow our guidelines on our API page and integrate your app today.

So you want to become our partner?

Great! We love working with other great companies in order to help clinics, private practices, hospitals, therapists and all of our other customers growing their businesses. In order to have us consider a distribution agreement we need you to make a proof-of-concept of your app by using our API. If you need help or if you feel like some endpoints are missing for the API then just reach out to us. We’re always keen on helping. Visit our API-page to read about how to start building your first app.

API integrations

Our featured partners

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E-conomic is an accounting program partnered with EasyPractice for our users.

Billy Icon


We partner with the accounting program, Billy, so our clients can integrate with their system.

Fiken Icon


Our integration with Fiken accounting enables users to link their invoices, services and clients with EasyPractice.

MailChimp Icon


MailChimp's integration with EasyPractice allows our users to set up automated email campaigns and newsletters.

Ready to submit your app?

If you already have a proof-of-concept ready and working with EasyPractice then submit your app using our form below. If you have any questions about any part of the process then please reach out to us on [email protected]. We’re more than happy to help you out.

Submit your app

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