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If you’re new in EasyPractice and need a helping hand here in the beginning, this post is for you. At the bottom of this post you’ll see a video where I’ve gone into the system as if I were one of our new users. Here I’ll show you around and give you a quick and precise overview of what you can expect from EasyPractice.

Are you ready to lessen your workload? Then kick up your feet and enjoy the tour of EasyPractice!

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The Calendar

In the calendar we make sure you have an overview of everything you’re doing. You’ll be able to create your appointments easily and safely, and make sure that no clients are forgotten. Create the appointments and send reminders and confirmations directly to your clients – completely for free. Besides that you can:

  • Create more than one calendar
  • Create opening hours
  • Edit the information on your appointments


In your client menu you can see an overview of all your clients. Here you can correct their information and check up on their appointments. All information on your clients is safely stored, and we meet all requirement of data security and GDPR.

Do you want to know more about GDPR or security?

  • Mark your clients as active or inactive
  • Send a group text to selected clients or all at once.
  • View all invoices for your clients.


Make sure all your clients can book all your services. Set up the duration of the services and utilise breaks after services, if you need to clean or write a journal entry after the treatment. We make sure your calendar is updated.

  • Create a voucher for your services.
  • Sort your services with groups
  • Activate or deactivate your services in selected calendars.


Your clinic is a business too, and it’s important that the numbers match. Help yourself with the invoices menu. The feature can easily be combined with online payment, and then there’s almost nothing you need to do.

  • Send your invoices to the client.
  • Create credit notes.
  • Download your invoices locally.


Statistics are a tool to create an overview of how your services are doing. Where are they booked and how much is invoiced in the system? Those are some of the things that the statistics module can help you with.

  • See the number of hours you’ve spent with clients.
  • Or see the invoices amount.
  • Or See in which calendars you have the most bookings.


In settings you can customise the features so they fit perfectly with you and your business. You can access your own subscription settings and edit your information. There’s an array of options that you can utilise.

  • Set up your invoice layout.
  • Write journal templates.
  • Import or export data.


In the apps menu you can see the features that you can add to your system. Again we show an array of possibilities for your business. Collect consent, send Secure messages to clients or activate online payment.

  • Clean up clients automatically from the system
  • Set up rate payments for subscription payments
  • Add more users to your system

So there are a lot of possibilities in your new system. Make sure to look around and should you get stuck we’re only an email away with quick and kind assistance. Below is a video which’ll give you an additional overview and show you the features.

We’re so sure that the system will be exactly what you’re looking for that we offer it to you for free. If you want to add more clients you can create a subscription.

Not a user yet?

If you are not using EasyPractice yet you can test out these features in just a couple of minutes. You can create your own free account and try out our booking widget for free. Here you can make your practice more productive and start allocating time to what matters: the client.

In our Help Centre we have a bunch of interesting and useful guides to all these Apps and functions.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch at [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you! ?

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