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Journals are one of the most used apps in EasyPractice. Free journal entries in EasyPractice make sure to solve some of the key challenges that many clinics and therapists experience in the real world. This is especially about having a structured overview of the journal notes distributed to clients. But also secure storage of digital records that comply with the requirements set by HIPAA and GDPR. Your journals can contain essential information such as date of creation, author, editing history, and more.

  • Secure GDPR storage of records
  • Automatic lock after a given time
  • Everything gathered in one place

Why lock your records?

Records and record keeping are relevant to the healthcare professionals who provide a type of treatment to their clients. The record must contain the information that is relevant for the client to receive good treatment. If you are subject to a requirement that the records be locked after the record-keeping has been performed, you can do this with EasyPractice. When the journal is locked, a padlock will appear on the post. A locked journal means that it can no longer be edited or deleted. Another feature to have a safe clinic operation is the automatic “log-out” feature.

Door lock keeping a door secure and safe

Get rid of having to remember it!

With EasyPractice, it is now possible to automatically lock the records created in the client’s profile. The automatic locking of the records is smart because it is no longer something to think about. EasyPractice aims to automate some of the work processes that deal with the administrative disciplines in clinic operations. Therefore, it is possible to tell EasyPractice that all journal notes must be locked automatically the first evening after they have been created. Another GDPR option in EasyPractice is the automatic cleanup of clients. Here you will be able to get EasyPractice to constantly keep an eye on whether there are any clients that need to be removed. Of course, you choose the parameters.

Locking journal entries settings

Fixed procedure and avoid mistakes

Especially in larger clinics where there are several therapists on a single client, it is important to have an updated and accurate medical record. The journal is the building block for a good treatment. That is, therapists use the journal to write important information about the client and the circumstances. But the work in the clinic can go fast when several clients are “in and out” of the door. Therefore, errors can occur where a journal is incorrectly updated or deleted. With the automatic lock on the records, this will not be possible.


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Get a lock on your medical records with EasyPractice

You can create an account with EasyPractice in minutes. From there, you will actually be asked if medical records are something you need in your practice. Once the records are activated, you can start your record-keeping on all your clients immediately. And you can jump into your settings to enable the ability to automatically lock your records after they have been created.

If you have any questions or if you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you. If you already have an account and you are not sure about how some features work, visit our Help Centre for in-depth explanations!

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