Ways to encourage your clients to spend more with you

Camilla Hahn
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We have a handful of apps at EasyPractice which can encourage your clients to spend more when they book with you. This post will give you an outline of the best apps to use to do this and will give you some great tips! ?

1. Discount Codes

This new app is super popular with our users! Give your clients discounts of any amount or percentage you choose, for example, 10% off a particular service for the summer. This will encourage them to book soon so they use it before the expiry date. With Discount Codes you are in full control of how much the discounts are for, when they are available and when they expire. This way, your clients will be more inclined to book extra services and book soon when you offer this to them. This app has been in demand from our users so our development team got to work and now it is here!

2. Gift Cards

When your clients use your services, they may want to let their friends experience the same great service that they had. With Gift cards they can do just this. You can customise them so they fit your business and then you can go ahead and create them. Your clients can buy them in your online booking meaning you do not have to do anything else except sit back and receive the payment.

3. Add On Services

Your clients can be encouraged to buy small extra services as add ons when they are booking if you make Add On Services available to them. By doing this you are adding value to the time you give to your clients because they will not have to come back to your clinic for a short appointment but they can combine extra services with the main service they are booking. When they book, you can ensure that they are recommended extra services so you know they are being shown the relevant options. Your calendar will fill up in no time.

4. Vouchers

When you use EasyPay, you have the option to create Digital Vouchers with which you can offer several services at a reduced price to encourage your clients to book more with you! Once a client has paid for the voucher, they can then use it in your online booking, making your life easy and all you have to do is be ready to greet them at your clinic!

5. Payment Rates

We know your services are great and your clients know this too so don’t let prices ever stop them from booking with you. You shouldn’t have to lower your prices when the services are good value and your clients shouldn’t miss out either! This is where Payment Rates comes in handy. By splitting large sums into instalment payments, this can make your clients feel more comfortable agreeing to the amount they will pay and this also allows you to sell larger packages, knowing you are providing them in an affordable way.

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All apps can be activated by going to the ‘Apps’ menu and scrolling down to the one you’re looking for. Why not just activate them all ? and make the most out of our system.

In our Help Centre you can find many other useful tips and guides.

Make sure you have access to all these apps by signing up for a free account and remember that if you ever have any queries, just let me know at support@easypractice.net!?

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