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With the Vouchers feature in EasyPractice you can easily create online vouchers for your services. Say, for instance, you want to offer up several treatments at a reduced price in order to draw in more clients, then you can create vouchers. This is something we can easily help you with, and you can choose to:


  • Create a voucher with special offers for selected clients
  • Create standard vouchers that your clients can buy through Online Booking.



Special offers for special clients

You can quickly create new vouchers via the 'Services' menu. Here, you select a service and choose the number of tickets. Finally, you add the voucher to the profiles of your chosen clients, to whom you want to offer this special reduction. In this way, you yourself get to control which clients receive which offers. 

Sell your vouchers through Online Booking

If you don't want to bother with having to add the voucher to each client's profile, you can set up the system to handle it via the EasyPay app. All you have to do is activate the EasyPay app, and then you will automatically have the option to make vouchers that you create available for purchase in Online Booking. When a client has payed for the voucher, they will be able to book an appointment using it and you will automatically see the active voucher when clicking on the client's profile. 

A shortcut to memberships with the Vouchers feature

You can even use the Vouchers feature to create memberships for your clients if you use it in combination with our Rate Payments app. You could, for instance, create vouchers that cover treatments every day for three months, and then set up the payment in monthly instalments of the voucher via Rate Payments. In this way, your clients can either receive a reduction in the price of treatments if they make monthly payments, or just have the option to create a membership with you! 

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