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Online Booking and secure journaling simplifies daily life for this muscle therapist and clinic owner

I started my clinic because I’ve been interested in body, health and how things tie together for a long time.
Five stars

A stone’s throw from Erfjord you find Veronica Warhaug’s clinic. If you’re looking for massages, yoga or craniosacral therapy in safe and positive surroundings, then you’ve come to the right place. With a big focus on helping others to understand the connections within their bodies better, you can be sure that Veronica wants the best for her clients so that they can live their lives with less pain.

Saving time with EasyPractice

As a clinic owner with a lot of clients who want to use her services, Veronica wants to spend as little time as possible doing administrative work, and more time taking care of her clients. The biggest change she’s noticed since she started using EasyPractice has been the amount of time saved. The clients can simply book their appointments from her website according to what suits them within the opening hours of the clinic. Fixed openings hours, automation of SMS- and email confirmations and simple online booking has provided a more structured and effective workday for Veronica.

Functions and Apps

In the health sector, there is a strong focus on safety and we have increasing demands from our users that our system should be secure and reliable. With our Two-factor Authentication app, Veronica is confident that logging into the system is safe and secure.




Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for your EasyPractice account.

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Simpler planning before every treatment

To keep up a structured daily life it’s important to plan in an effective and simple way, especially as a clinic owner with a lot of balls in the air. With an easily manageable calendar in EasyPractice you can keep an overview of all of your upcoming appointments, and you can insert breaks and holidays, as well as use the ‘Appointment status’ app to make it even easier to remember things about your appointments. 

In Veronica’s clinic it’s important that the journaling is easily manageable, when the workday gets busy and she has to plan the next treatment with a client. There are several features in EasyPractice that make sure of this: 

  • Create journal entries directly from the calendar by clicking on an appointment. 
  • Create your own journal templates so that it only takes 2 minutes to create a new entry. 
  • Upload files and pictures to your journals and draw on the pictures directly in the system. 
  • Guaranteed secure storage of journals in compliance with GDPR.
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Do you want to automate your workday too?

Do you want to do what Veronica does and save hours during the week by automating your administrative work, so that you can spend more time treating your clients?

“Make things as easy as you can, save time where you can, so that you can spend the time doing what you really enjoy doing. I think most therapists are like me, and don’t really enjoy doing paperwork and such. We’d rather spend our time being there to help our clients, and have the time and energy to do that.”

Picture of Muscle therapist and clinic owner Veronica Warhaug providing a treatment to a patient

“I journal after every appointment, and this is simple when it’s all in one place. Earlier I’d write journals by hand, and that took a lot more time as well as took up space, and I had to have a safe space to keep them. I feel much more safe that the journals are handled securely in EasyPractice.”
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”EasyPractice has freed up time for me so that I can devote myself to what I want to do, this is worth its weight in gold as a self-employed person. Now I have everything in one place so I can easily access the information I need."

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