Which ‘booking flow’ will you choose?

Camilla Hahn
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At EasyPractice, we have designed an online booking system that allows you to structure your booking flow more easily and to have a better overview of your business, no matter your profession. Our booking system gives you the freedom to focus on improving the treatments you offer your clients.

With our booking system, your potential clients have free access to see when you are available. They find an open slot in your calendar, book an appointment, and recieve a reminder of their treatment at noon the day before their appointment. The instant the appointment has been scheduled it will appear in your calendar. You don’t have to do anything yourself. You will also have a great overview of your appointment schedule at all times!

Your booking flow refers to the order in which your clients select options in your online booking. Since the recent update from our development team here at EasyPractice, there are now three different booking flows for you to choose from.

You can now choose whether to have the calendar, service & calendar or service & date first in your booking flow.

 Which booking flow suits you the best?

When you go to Settings -> Online Booking -> Appearance, you can select which of the three options you want to use for your online booking. This is what your clients will see and will shape their booking experience when they come to your website or booking form.

Overview of booking flow and selection of the three options you want to be used for online booking.

Here is an explanation of the differences between the three options, just so you’re sure:

1. Where -> Service -> Date

This is the best option for your online booking if your clients usually book according to which practitioner or employee they want or if your practice is across several locations. If you have specialised practitioners or employees who work across different cities, this is the option we recommend as it is important that your clients know where they are booking.

2. Service -> Date -> Where

This option allows your clients to choose a service and then the time and date that they want to book. They are then presented with the available slots in all of your calendars.

If the therapist and location does not matter so much to your clients, this is the option for your business since they will just be assigned a place and practitioner accordingly.

3. Service -> Where -> Date

If it is not so important where your clients book or you do not have multiple calendars, it may be better for your clients to choose the service first. In this option, they then choose where and with which practitioner before they select the date and time of their appointment.

Now you are ready to make the choice and ensure that your online booking suits your business in the best way. ?

In our Help Centre we have a whole section dealing with our Online Booking Function.

Do you need any further help to set this up or have any questions about EasyPractice? Just get in touch at [email protected] where we’re ready to help!

Are you ready to make the leap into your appointment scheduling? Get access to all these tools and a lot more!

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