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Here at EasyPractice we have worked very hard to ensure that the system complies 100% with GDPR, as well as HIPAA. As part of our recently launched app, the consent app, we are, of course, conforming with GDPR and we are constantly following your suggestions. In addition, we have developed a Secure Messaging app where you as a practitioner can communicate safely with your clients through encrypted messages.

With the new app, you can send:

What does it mean to encrypt a message?
To protect the content of a message, you need to encrypt the text. In other words, you lock the message so that content is hidden from unauthorised persons. To access the content, an encryption key is used, which is sent to the recipient along with the message. In that way, only the sender and the recipient can decrypt the encrypted messages and access the content.

Is it the same as a normal SMS or e-mail?
The short answer is, no. Technically speaking, you can not encrypt an SMS. Encrypting an email is a relatively complicated process and the entire connection from the sender to the recipient has to be encrypted, which is almost impossible to guarantee with email communication. Therefore, we have developed an app that automatically ensures that the entire connection between sender and recipient happens through an encrypted connection. In other words, the message is not exposed to other open sources but remains on EasyPractice’s secure and encrypted platform.

Everything has been developed to ensure the highest level of security for both you and your clients. If you need any help setting up the Secure Messages app, navigate to our blog and watch a video introduction on how to get started.

User-friendly design – also on your mobile

The Secure Messages app is developed in a simple design that is compatible with mobile phones and tablets so you can communicate with your clients wherever you are. This way you can always stay in touch with your clients no matter where you are. If there is any type of emergency you can quickly and securely answer and help your clients!

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Secure handling of journal entries and invoices.

The GDPR has set a new gold standard for data protection. By using the Secure Messages app, you signal to your clients that you handle personal data correctly and that you take this matter seriously.

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Automatic notification

When you send a message to your clients, you can choose to notify the clients via SMS or e-mail that they have received a new message from you. Conversely, when a client sends a message to you, you will be notified in the client overview, where you can also see which clients are waiting for a reply from you.

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How to get started

If you do not already have an EasyPractice user account, you can sign up for free here and log in to the system. Once logged in, click Apps and enable the “Secure Messages” app. Navigate to the client page and then you’re ready to send secure messages to your clients.

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