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All clients are different and if you want to give each of them the very best possible experience, they should be treated individually. With our booking system, you can choose to create client records. This way, you will always be well prepared to meet your client.

  • Easy to create and access client records
  • Edit, adjust and add records
  • Create templates for specific types of records
  • Add pictures or files to your records

Specify the treatment

With a record for each client, you always know what you need for each and every session. Note everything important each time and in the future you can go back to see your client's history.

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In safe hands

Our booking system is strictly created according to Danish legislation. This means that our archiving of records meets all requirements concerning rights, safety and confidentiality. Your records stay with you.

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Create an overview with photos

Document your client’s development visually. With pictures and files, both you and your client can keep track of their treatment. It makes your workflow easier if you're able to present something relatable to your client.

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Get started with Journals and EasyPractice

When logged in, go to 'Apps' in the menu across the top of the system. Here, you'll find the Journals app - once you activate it and follow the instructions, you're good to go. If you don't already have an EasyPractice user, you can sign up in less than two minutes right here.

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Archive online and physically

If you want a physical copy of your important client records, you can always download and print them. You can print records individually or all together.

Note symptoms and potential risks

Your client's behaviour and health can change from session to session and this can have a tremendous effect on how your treatment should proceed. With your records, you can keep track of all client information and optimise your treatment plan accordingly.

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