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If you want to sell products as well as services through the system, have a read of this guide on how to do just that!

We have recently received some questions and requests from our users regarding the sale of physical products and how it all works in connection with invoicing in the system. Here is a guide to help you understand how this works:

Since you can not call physical products a “service” when you create a new invoice, here is an example of how you can solve it all instead.

Example: A yoga instructor might offer yoga classes (of course), but also products such as yoga mats, blocks or cleaning products. Therefore, it is important that these products can be invoiced correctly right from the start – so that there is not a lot of confusion for either, the instructor or the client.

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How to invoice:

There are actually two ways to do this:

  1. Create the invoice with an additional service via the client’s profile.
  2. Create an invoice under the “Invoice” menu.

Once you have selected the service for which the client is to be invoiced, you can click on a button called “Add new order line”. Here you have the opportunity to enter the additional service. Super simple! In addition, it is also possible to create a discount, if that is something you want to give to the client too.

An example of what the invoice might look like:

Option to add additional products to an invoice.

How to deal with errors in the invoice

An important point that we also get a lot of questions about, is whether you can change invoices after you have made them. The answer is yes, they can be changed! But it is also important to mention that if you have found an error in an invoice that has already been sent out, you should:

1. Create a so-called credit note (cancellation of invoice) for the sent invoice.
2. Then create a new invoice that contains the correct data.

I hope this little guide could provide answers on how to sell supplemental, physical products. Do you have any questions or need help? Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] , where we are ready to help every day of the week 😀

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