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EasyPractice is usually a platform for therapists and clinicians, but it has also become a “secret weapon” for many hairdressers. Because EasyPractice is cheap, simple and is easy to set up, there is no reason that it is not for you!

As a hairdresser, you are busy being smooth with your hands and mastering conversation with your customers. When you are receiving new bookings, answering a phone in the middle of an appointment is not that smooth. EasyPractice does the job for you. With a simple online booking system, your customers can book an appointment when it is appropriate for them – without disturbing you in your work.

All the tools - gathered in one place

All the tools - gathered in one place

We offer many useful apps and functions needed to run your salon. You can tailor your EasyPractice system to your needs. Using an Online Booking system like this, you will have everything you need in one place, secure and easily found. One organized and intuitive system that covers all your administrative needs will help your salon run smoother and give you more time to work with your clients!


More than one hairdresser in the salon?

With EasyPractice you have the freedom to make an unlimited number of calendars in your system. With this feature, you can assign calendars to your colleagues and let your customers decide which hairdresser they would like. All calendars can be customised to your colleagues’ working hours to suit your salon perfectly. In addition, you’ll get a great overview of the bookings your customers have made and can store them safely on our platform.

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I’m so happy with my new booking system. It works flawlessly and makes everything so much easier. The warmest recommendations from me.

Certified hypnotherapist

Keep on chilling with simple payment and billing

With EasyPractice, not only do you get a great booking system, but our program also includes the possibility to activate online payment with EasyPay. In this way you give your customers the opportunity to pay directly online when they book an appointment. When the payment is complete, you will receive confirmation and the payment will be transferred to your account. Try out the best free salon booking app today!

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How can EasyPractice benefit a hairdresser?

Putting the ability to book appointments on their own into the hands of your clients will free up valuable time for you. Getting your calendar filled while you are busy working with other clients will help you manage your time better. Online booking is just one of many advantages to using our system. Simplified billing, being able to keep notes on your clients if needed, multiple calendars and employee profiles for your employees, and much more will allow you to stay on top of things at all times. Through our system, your can offer your clients vouchers, discount codes, and gift cards. Treat yourself, and your clients better - Register for an account with us today and try out our booking system yourself!

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