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At EasyPractice, we’ve created a user-friendly booking system for the craniosacral therapist to help you keep track of billing and medical records so that you can focus on helping your clients properly. Besides easy booking for the client, you as a practitioner will experience several benefits as well.

There are different types of craniosacral therapists and they all have their own way of working with the patient. The booking system for these therapists needs to be flexible enough to allow them to work with patients who need it on a regular basis or only once in a while. The system should also be able to handle the different types of treatments that are offered by these therapists. EasyPractice is a great system for the craniosacral therapist – try it out today! 

We offer invoicing, safe journals, online booking, free appointment reminders, and many more apps and functions that can help you in your daily work! Use only the apps you need and customize the system to your needs.

All you need to run your business

All you need to run your business


Easy signup and safe payment

The success of your clinic depends on your clients’ view of your business. The first time your clients meet you will often impact whether they choose you to be their practitioner or not. We believe it is important to leave a good impression. When clients are looking to book an appointment they can easily find available slots in your calendar and pay up front with EasyPay.

  • Safe payment, invoices sent by e-mail
  • Easy online booking, saving you and your client’s time
  • EasyPay – automatic billing with payment structures in line with your preferences
  • Text message reminders at 12 noon the day before your appointment
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I’m so happy with my new booking system. It works flawlessly and makes everything so much easier. The warmest recommendations from me.

Certified hypnotherapist

Finish the paperwork effortlessly

With an online booking system, everything is easier for you and your clients. You can view appointments, payments and client records. It is in the interest of both parties for everything to run smoothly and hassle free, so you and your client can spend time on what you like to do, instead of the tedious paperwork.

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What can be automated?

When you use EasyPractice, many tasks can be automated to save you time. From email and SMS reminders and other communication, to creating invoices and more. You can also choose which functions and apps you want to use in EasyPractice so that you only pay for the apps you use. We offer free SMS appointment reminders for your clients, as well as notifications by email and SMS sent to you and your employees when clients book appointments. Regarding invoices, just click “create new invoice” to turn appointment details into an invoice, ready to send securely to your client. You can also activate the integration with MailChimp to send newsletters to all clients at once and automatically log out of your account after a certain period for added security.

Pricing at EasyPractice

We believe that you should pay for EasyPractice according to how you use it! Therefore, the price of a subscription depends on your practice. If you have 2 or fewer clients, you can use the free version of EasyPractice. Then, as your practice grows with the number of client bookings each year, the subscription changes. Make sure you are using the right platform for you and your practice. You can check out our transparent pricing of each part of EasyPractice on our pricing page. Pricing is done according to the number of client bookings you have each year with yearly subscriptions available. Of course, you can also start a free trial to make sure EasyPractice is right for you!

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