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It is extremely important for many therapists and practitioners to offer the possibility for clients to pay their invoices in rates. Therefore, we have worked really hard on developing the perfect app to handle this. Our amazing development team are now ready to launch the “Payment Rates” app which will make life easier for both you and your clients. In addition to the practicality of this feature, you may increase the comfort of your clients, knowing that they do not have to carry cash when visiting you.

With Payment Rates, you will be able to:

  • Create instalment plans automatically through EasyPay
  • Sell larger packages of products and services
  • Create subscription models for your clients

No more having to request upfront payments

If selling products is a part of your business, you can now enjoy the option to sell larger packages in a way that is affordable for your clients. You simply add your products to the invoice order line along with your services and choose 'Payment Rates' - then you're good to go.

Payment Rates setup

Allow your clients to come back again and again

If you combine our already existing voucher feature with the new Payment Rates feature, you can create subscriptions for your clients, giving them even more incentive to visit you again. For example, if you create a voucher with a number of services so that your client can book an appointment maybe once a week for a couple of months, you can set up payment of installments on this voucher. In this way, your clients pay a fixed amount at a specific time. You can even decide the intervals and the amount of payments that best suit both you and your client.

Payment Rates image

It all runs automatically - EasyPay does the work!

If you choose to let EasyPay do the work, you do not have to do anything - it will run automatically. Just make sure your clients choose to pay online through EasyPay when they pay their first payment rate. Then the remaining installment rates will be charged automatically at the agreed time. It doesn't get easier than that.

Payment Rates example

Payment Rates is easy to set up

You can start using the Payment Rates feature right away - all you have to do is activate the app on your user account in the 'Apps' section. Create a free user at EasyPractice, and get started today!

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