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As a speech-language pathologist, you need a great administration system to keep on top of your appointments. With EasyPractice, you can keep notes on your clients, allow them to book appointments online, and allow your invoicing and payment to be automatic too! The online administration system takes the monotonous tasks out of your hands so that you can focus on what really matters: your clients. EasyPractice will give you extra time in your daily life. The intuitive design makes it easy for you to keep track of your company’s daily operations, enabling you to focus your energy completely on your clients. With one system offering multiple features, you have the best prerequisites to save a lot of time on your administrative work!

Automatic invoicing means that you do not have to spend time calculating payments yourself

Automatic invoicing means that you do not have to spend time calculating payments yourself

Creating invoices has never been easier than with EasyPractice. A task that usually takes a lot of time in a business can be automated when you use our Invoicing function. It’s as simple as selecting “Create new invoice” for an appointment in your calendar. What’s more, if you use EasyPractice’s own online payment, EasyPay, the invoices are even created automatically!

  • Create invoices automatically in the system.
  • Send invoices directly to clients securely from within your account.
  • Download reports for your invoice and payment activity.

Have your own professional online booking form for clients to book directly

When you offer appointments as a speech therapist, it is important that potential and existing clients are able to find a time that suits them. With your EasyPractice online booking form, you choose when you are available for appointments and clients can book in those times. You can have as many different calendars available as you need if you have multiple employees or locations at which you work. Of course, you can add appointments to your calendar yourself, too.

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A huge thanks for an easy and comprehensible booking system that works flawlessly. Your quick and helpful support – and your answers to requests for improvements to the system makes it so much more attractive.

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Keep organised notes on your clients in the simplest way

With the EasyPractice Journals app, you can create your own templates to keep on top of your appointments. Make sure you have up-to-date notes on all of your clients with the easy to use app. You can also upload images and files and also share journal entries with clients if necessary through the "Secure Messages" app!

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Keep an eye on the numbers

As an extra little thing, you can see different statistics on your business, which is generated automatically and completely for free. This way you can always keep tabs on your income, see which of your services sell best, and other key numbers. With an online booking system that brings together any and all types of work-related documents in one place, you are able to better manage your business. Using EasyPractice, you can archive information about clients, invoices, future appointments and gain a statistical overview. This leaves you with the opportunities to better assess what works for your practice.

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