5 headlines for your next email campaign

Camilla Hahn
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Email marketing is a very simple and classic way to connect with your clients. Everyone reads emails but not everyone reads all of their emails. That’s why you need to make sure your headlines grab their attention and make them want to read yours!

With EasyPractice’s integration with MailChimp you can easily set up newsletters and send them out as emails to all of your clients. Now, there’s just the question of what to write so here are some ideas for you!

1. Just for you

This example includes the word “just” which is a popular word in email marketing. Avoid using words like “free” and “offer” as these emails are more likely to end up in a spam folder!

With “Just for you”, the recipient might feel special even though the email is sent to a number of your clients but it may encourage them to open the email and see the great offers you have put inside.

2. We miss you!

This is a standard email headline and you have probably received it from many companies yourself. It’s honest and short which means that your clients can read it at a glance and be curious about whether you have put an offer in the email to encourage them to book with you again.

You can use a headline like this when you are contacting clients who have not booked with you in a while.

3. A message for Fae

Personalizing the headline is great and you can do this by adding the first name from your list of clients. Although many companies do it, it does make you feel like the email is directed at you rather than just at a whole group of clients.

This headline is also not very clear which might bring out the curiosity in your clients and want them to see what you have written. Therefore, they will open the email!

4. Only 3 days left!

This example is really popular as it makes your clients have a fear of missing out. Of course, they wouldn’t want to pay more for something in 4 days instead of getting a discount in 3 days. That’s why they will open the email to see what you are offering straight away.

5. Wow!

Grab their attention. Keep it short. Most people open their emails on a mobile device so they might not have a whole desktop screen to read long subject lines quickly. So, whatever you are writing, make it easy to read in one glance and your clients will thank you for it by reading your emails more often!

So there were some ideas for you. We hope that you can include them or use them as inspiration for your next email campaign and you get a whole load of attention from your clients. Additionally, we have published a blog post “The ultimate guide to send group emails to clients “, explaining in detail how to set up successfully group emails with EasyPractice.

If you’re looking for more tips on email marketing, why not take a look at MailChimp’s guides. They have a bunch of helpful tips for when you are using EasyPractice’s integration with the platform.

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