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EasyPractice’s integration with Facebook Pixel optimises your marketing on Facebook. When you use this integration, you can gain a better understanding of the effect of your social media marketing.

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What is Facebook Pixel?

Social media is one of the most important portals for marketing, but for your company to be able to get as much as possible out of social media, you need knowledge and information about how the ads work. With EasyPractice’s integration with the Facebook Pixel, you can track all conversions from your Facebook pages to your online booking. Here you also get information about how much each conversion costs and how your ads work so you can optimize your marketing.

When someone visits your website and takes an action, the Facebook pixel is triggered and reports this action. This way, you’ll know when a customer took an action after seeing your Facebook ad. You’ll also be able to reach this customer again by using a Custom Audience. When more and more conversions happen on your website, Facebook gets better at delivering your ads to people who are more likely to take certain actions. This is called conversion optimization.

There is nothing more frustrating than creating great social media content and then not knowing if it is having an effect on your number of bookings or if your clients book directly through your website instead. When you know where your bookings come from and which types of posts are most effective for converting ads to bookings, you can optimise your time and resources to make your advertising even better and get more booking still!

Start tracking your conversions today!

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you can paste into your website. You can download the pixel from your "Facebook Pixel" function which can be found in the "Ads manager" at Facebook. Then all you need to do is name the pixel, accept the terms and get the code. When you then paste the code into EasyPractice under Settings -> Online Booking -> Other, you will be able to start tracking traffic from Facebook.

Maybe one of our other integrations for example MailChimp or Facebook Login is interesting to you? You can see all of our available integrations on our Integration website!

If you do not yet have an account with EasyPractice, make one today for free! You can sign up below and then start tracking your conversions with the Facebook Pixel integration right away. EasyPractice is very quick to get used to because of its simplicity and so why not give it a try for free today?

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