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Sara Wickström
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The new SMS and email system in EasyPractice has arrived! The system helps you improve your client communication by tailoring the communication flow to your clients. I would almost say that it is revolutionary for how we can think about “communication to the client”. Do you need to be further convinced?

We have changed our perspective from seeing outgoing SMS and e-mail as something “basic” to be sent to the client. For example, a reminder or a confirmation.

In this blog post, I want to share some of my thoughts on how the clinic can benefit from the new options, so that we can challenge the standard reminder and spice up our communication with clients. Maybe there is something that can inspire you?

Let’s get started!

Maximum flexibility in your client communication

We’ll start with the obvious, but definitely worth mentioning. It’s that outgoing SMS from EasyPractice can now be completely tailored to your workflow, your conditions, and your preferences!

  • Do you have specific opt-out policies that define when specific messages should be sent?
  • Do you have a specific way of communicating?
  • Do you have certain services that require special information?
  • Do you have certain services that require special information?
  • Want to send multiple reminders at odd times?
  • Want to send more reminders to forgetful customers?

Just set it up! You decide what to communicate, when to send it and which filters to apply to each type of message. See image below.

Above is an example of a message flow showing communication to the client sent from the clinic.

In my example, the client receives a customized confirmation, a general reminder at a certain time (e-mail and SMS), and finally a follow-up message.

Let me go into a little more detail regarding the content of the communication. What you see here is the customer’s “journey” from the customer making an appointment with you until you thank the customer for this time.

In the example above, the client will receive a total of four different types of messages from me during their stay at my clinic, I have chosen this myself. I have also chosen when the SMS should be sent and what should be in it.

So, what do I send to customer?

Booking confirmation

First, my clients receive a confirmation of their appointment when they make an appointment through my online booking, or if I make an appointment for them. I can choose to send out two different confirmation messages depending on who is booking, but for the sake of the example I will send out the same message.


The customer now receives a personal confirmation that I have received the booking in my calendar. Let’s see how it looks in the settings:

As well as how it looks on the client’s end:

Notice how all my “tags” (a “tag” is the words you see in the settings that start with “@”) are converted to the correct booking information for each message.

EasyPractice will therefore always ensure that correct information is filled in automatically in all “tags”, so you only need to write a message once. Surely that’s smart?

Let’s jump ahead!

Booking reminder

In my clinic, I know that I have to remind my clients about their appointments or I risk them not showing up. I therefore send a reminder at 10 a.m. the day before the meeting, as it gives the customer time to cancel if necessary.


I also have a specific service (in the example below it’s massage) that requires the client to bring a towel to the appointment. This service therefore receives a customized message which means that customers who book my massage receive a special reminder where I remind them to bring a towel.

The next step in the journey is for the client to meet me at the clinic, where I give the client their treatment. After that, my mission is over, but even so, I’m not ready to let go of the client yet. Therefore, I have an automatic message sent out 3 days after the meeting. In this message, I thank the client again for their time and tell them how the person can book an appointment with me again.

Smart right?

There are no restrictions on the length of the customer journey you can have in your communication. In addition, the flexibility and filters in your messages allow you to make the journey a very personal experience for the customer.

Information is the “key” in your client communication

The modern clinic slowly opens its eyes to build websites and create materials for customers. This can serve multiple purposes for my clinic!

I usually create a website with information relevant to the client before they book an appointment with me. My material shows the client and other visitors that I have a serious and organized treatment style and philosophy, which makes them feel more secure in making an appointment with me.

However, more and more clinics and therapists are creating meaningful profiles on social media and in video format on YouTube, and this we can share with the client!

Just as we saw in the images above, we can customize the content of the messages we send. Take a look at this example:

In the example, I am a physiotherapist who has been visited by the client Eric.

In connection with having fallen on his bicycle, Eric has injured his shoulder and therefore needs to train his shoulder joint. We have gone through some exercises for this together during today’s treatment. I have also collected these exercises in video format and put them in a private playlist on Youtube. Clients needing to rehabilitate their shoulder will therefore receive a link to this playlist so they can see the instructions for the exercises.

Let’s take it again:

Eric injures his shoulder. The physiotherapist provides treatment and shows some exercises. EasyPractice then ensures that Eric (automatically!) receives a message after the meeting with direct access to his exercises.

But how does it work?

A tailored SMS or email

Again, I use my “tags” to define the service that this message should be sent with. If the client has booked another service, this message will not be sent. Why get exercises to rehabilitate the shoulder if it is the knee that has been hurt…?

I’ve also added a link to my playlist in the email with the words “a playlist”, which means the exercises are literally a click away! In other words, it’s super easy to share important information with a little creativity. You can simply link to your material directly in your emails!

A YouTube playlist is just one example, but everything on the Internet has a link that you can share with your customers. Just don’t forget that it has to create value for them.

The word with many meanings: “Marketing”

A lot has been written about marketing, and I don’t really want to write more. But, it takes up more and more space with our customers. At the time of writing, I have been lucky enough to interview several hundred customers at EasyPractice.

They are all passionate therapists or clinic owners who are passionate about a good treatment for the client. But they are also independent in the sense that they have a business that will go around. Marketing is therefore a bigger part of clinic operations than before, and I think the development will continue.

But this piece should not be about Google Ads or Facebook Ads, even though that is also marketing. It should be about what is marketing for me, and that is communication. It’s service.

Therefore, customer service and good experiences are some of the most important aspects of EasyPractice, and the new SMS and email system sets the framework for good service and good communication.

I think it goes without saying to send a follow-up message to all clients who visit the clinic to ask about their experience. Be open to feedback, and use it!

I also think it is obvious to follow up on how the customer has experienced the treatment. If you sell a service with a specific focus, you can create a custom message where you specifically ask the customer about the service in question. You thus get the opportunity to show a sincere interest in the client’s treatment, and you can automate it!

The new system creates the conditions for improving your client communication and service

The new system creates the conditions for improving your client communication and service
If you’ve made it this far, I want to thank you. I hope that my input has sparked a creative flow of thought in you regarding how you can create value for you and your business through EasyPractice.

If not – write to us at

We are ready for your feedback!

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