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With EasyPractice, documentation became an easy job for the employees at Vertikal Utveckling.

Portrait of Robert, founder of Vertikal Utveckling (Vertical Development)
"We chose EasyPractice early after trying out most of the other documentation systems in other services and companies that we worked with before. So we had a solid and long experience of documentation and were careful to find a system that lived up to both security and simplicity."
Five stars

At Vertikal Utveckling (Vertical Development), therapists, addiction consultants and mental coaches work side by side to help individuals and companies in matters concerning alcohol, drugs and employee development. The company was founded by Robert Andersson and offers services such as training, supervision, therapy and support programs. Today, Robert can focus entirely on the areas he finds most interesting and rewarding to work with. This means, among other things, that the company is free to choose partners and be selective in the choice of assignments. The business is now conducted in a total of five different cities in Sweden, but the work has always been based on the same basic principles: to live as you learn and promote dialogue, openness and honesty. And it is noticeable that Robert is passionate about his questions.

A secure and simple documentation system

At Vertikal Utveckling, meeting with other people is always at the core, regardless of whether it takes place individually or in a group. However, many meetings also involve a lot of administration and documentation which takes both time and energy from the actual work. The most important thing for Robert has therefore been to find a documentation system that is both secure and time-efficient, and after testing several different systems, he stuck with EasyPractice.

Waiting room of Vertikal Utveckling Psychiatrist with patient having a session and taking notes Robert, founder of Vertikal Utveckling (Vertical Development) during a presentation standing in front of an audience Entrance to the practice of Vertikal Utveckling Man having an Online meeting via laptop and an open book is placed next to him

Functions and Apps

The most noticeable improvement since Vertikal Utveckling started using EasyPractice has been the time saving. They use the medical record system daily after group supervision and in individual therapy. All sessions working with the clients are documented and notes must always be read before handovers. This means that EasyPractice is used several times a day. At the same time, Robert believes that the high user-friendliness has contributed to a better feeling before the documentation in general.

“We at Vertikal Utveckling have been critical of the fact that all documentation has taken too much time and focus from the actual work, ie. contact with individuals and groups. The biggest change since we started using EP has therefore been just less time and higher user-friendliness “


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With the journal function, you can easily and securely document your client meetings all in one place.

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Other apps that make everyday life easier

In addition to the journal function, Robert especially recommends the apps Video Meetings, Employees and Consent – apps that make it easy to run a larger business with multiple employees and many clients, no matter where you are.

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Good Advice

Whenever Robert wants to give good advice to others in the same industry, it is precisely about choosing the right system:

“Why use a cumbersome, time-consuming, expensive system when it can be done easily with high user-friendliness and security, and which is also available wherever you are? That is the big reason why we are happy with EasyPractice!”

Robert, founder of Vertikal Utveckling (Vertical Development) and a colleague during a presentation standing in front of an audience

"We are more than happy with EasyPractice and will challenge ourselves to add more services and apps as we go along."
Robert, founder of Vertikal Utveckling (Vertical Development) with a colleague
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