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Founders of Humlegårdskliniken standing in front their clinic
With our medical skills, we can help our clients highlight their beautiful features. In an industry that has completely exploded with a plethora of rogue therapists and untested drugs, we want to be a counterweight.
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Dr. Lennart Sandberg founded Humlegårdskliniken 21 years ago under the name Zmedical. For a long time prior to the start-up, he had worked with Botulinum toxin in healthcare and based on his interest in aesthetic injection treatments, he then founded Humlegårdskliniken. Today, Humlegårdskliniken is a family business run by Lennart Sandberg and his two daughters, Hedvig Sandberg and Amanda Weidenius. Hedvig Sandberg is the CEO of the clinic and also performs skin treatments and fat freezing. Amanda Weidenius is a trained dentist and performs injection treatments, as does her father Lennart. The group have two clinics, one in Stockholm and one in Osby, where a number of different treatments are offered. Humlegårdskliniken offers, among other things, consultations, injection treatments with Botulinum toxin and fillers, as well as fat reduction, hair removal and skin rejuvenating treatments.

Special emphasis on responsibility, quality and results

Humlegårdskliniken has three key words: responsibility, quality and results. They take responsibility for giving the client a safe experience by having good knowledge of the drug’s effect and taking care of clients who experience side effects or are not satisfied with the result. Then ensure quality by only using safe, well-proven treatment products while the therapists always stay up to date through continuous education. And finally, they achieve results, which refers to the importance of delivering a result that the customer is happy with.

Read more about Humlegårdskliniken here.

Journal writing is a central part of the administrative work at Humlegårdskliniken and an essential treatment step. When Humlegårdskliniken started using EasyPractice, it suddenly became possible to integrate their medical record system with their booking system. The system also allows image management so that the clinic can save before and after images in each client’s journal. With EasyPractice, the clinic can save information in a simple and secure way while following the rules regarding GDPR, which is of utmost importance for the clinic. Learn more about how EasyPractice helps your practice follow GDPR here.

Founders of Humlegårdskliniken standing in a treatment room and preparing a treatment Founder of Humlegårdskliniken sitting on a sofa and smiling. Founders of Humlegårdskliniken standing in a treatment room and preparing a treatment Founders of Humlegårdskliniken sitting in front of a desk and using a PC. Waiting room of Founders of Humlegårdskliniken

EasyPractice for a better client flow

The online booking has had a positive effect on the client flow at the clinic. For clients, it is intuitive and easy to book, rebook or cancel their appointment if needed. By automating the booking process, the clinic’s beauty therapists can spend more time with clients instead of spending endless hours doing administrative work. Currently, EasyPractice is managing the majority of the booking process at Humlegårdskliniken. 

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Online Booking

We have designed an online booking system that allows you to structure your workflow more easily and have a better overview of your business, no matter your profession.

Read more about the online booking here

The role of EasyPractice

For Humlegårdskliniken, their website and the opportunity to offer online booking to their clients is essential. In addition to online booking, the beauty clinic uses EasyPractice core apps such as “Employees“, “Google Calendar“, “Gift Card“, and “Consent app“. This means that much of the clinic’s administrative work is gathered at EasyPractice.

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Do you want to automate administrative tasks just like Humlegårdskliniken?

Do you want to automate your business with digital tools, and have more time for your clients? Try EasyPractice today by setting up a free account with us here, or send us a message at [email protected] if you want to know more.


Founders of Humlegårdskliniken sitting in front of a desk and using a PC.

"Easypractice is logical and easy to use for our customers but also for the staff"
Founders of Humlegårdskliniken standing in front their clinic
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With an eye for online tools and healthy entrepreneurship, Thomas offers physiotherapy and massage of the highest quality in the middle of Copenhagen.

“I use EasyPractice for everything that has to do with customers: record keeping, calendar, storage of client information, invoicing and online booking. These are simply features you can not live without if you want the clinic to grow ".

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